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Distinguished Service

Celebrating Excellence

Jointly presented by the Law Society of Alberta and the Canadian Bar Association - Alberta, these prestigious awards shine a light on the outstanding contributions Alberta lawyers provide.

Check back soon for nomination and event information related to the 2017 Distinguished Service Awards.

Award categories

1. Legal Scholarship
2. Pro Bono Legal Service
3. Service to the Community
4. Service to the Profession

Nomination Details

The following information is required along with the nomination form:

  • A statement detailing why the candidate is worthy of the award;
  • A curriculum vitae outlining the nominee's background, career and any present activities that qualify them for nomination in one of the four categories, and;
  • A maximum of two letters of support for the nomination.

When the nomination and attachments are received, the nominee will be contacted to confirm their participation and willingness to accept the award if chosen. All nominations are considered for two years.


Benchers and staff members of the Law Society, staff and executive members of the Canadian Bar Association - Alberta Branch, and members of the judiciary are eligible for nomination one year after their term in office/employment ends.

All other members of the legal profession are eligible. Previous conduct record does not preclude someone from being eligible unless citations have been issued against them and those citations have not been dealt with, or are currently either suspended or disbarred. If there are questions regarding a nominee’s eligibility, the selection committee will make the final decision.

There is no “currently active member” requirement and posthumous awards can be made.

Submission Methods

1. Complete the online nomination form - be sure to include all supplementary information (statement, cv and letters of support) by uploading a pdf in the Nomination Package field. 
2. Print, scan and email this pdf nomination form, including all supplementary information (statement, cv and letters of support).
3. Print and mail this pdf nomination form, including all supplementary information (statement, cv and letters of support) to the mailing address below.

Selection Procedure

Each year the awards are chosen by a selection committee comprised of Law Society and Canadian Bar Association - Alberta Branch representatives and members of the legal/academic community. 

Selection criteria:

  • role model for other lawyers
  • dedication
  • results achieved
  • creativity
  • initiative
  • individual achievement
  • obstacles overcome
  • significance of achievement
  • impact
  • effective contribution to the role of law in society



Past Awards