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Board & Committees

The Directors (Benchers) of the Law Society of Alberta form a 24-member board responsible under the Legal Profession Act to regulate the practice of law in Alberta. The Law Society is the independent body established by the Act to regulate the legal profession in the public interest.

Of the 24 Benchers, 20 are lawyers elected by lawyers of the Law Society, and four are public representatives. The public representatives have all the rights and responsibilities of the elected directors but cannot act as President of the Law Society of Alberta.

Directors are Alberta lawyers who are elected by Alberta lawyers and serve as volunteers for a three-year period (up to a maximum of nine years). Public representatives are members of the public who are appointed by the Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Alberta for a three-year term.

Benchers bring to their governance work for the Law Society a diversity of perspectives, including the context in which they live and work. The board oversees the governance role at the Law Society of Alberta, by setting policies and updating the Rules of the Law Society of Alberta and the Code of Conduct in alignment with those policies.

The key responsibilities of the board lie in two areas: governance and adjudication.

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