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Governance & Adjudication

The Board oversees the governance role at the Law Society of Alberta by setting policies and updating the Rules of the Law Society of Alberta and the Code of Conduct in alignment with those policies.

The Board is also responsible for the adjudication of regulatory matters. In serving the public interest, the board has adjudicative processes in place to resolve complaints regarding a lawyer’s ethical conduct and admission matters.

Benchers serve on the following adjudicative panels:

  • Conduct Committee panels which review formal complaints.
  • Hearing panels for hearings on lawyer conduct matters, and also on appeals related to hearing outcomes.
  • Appeal panels which review dismissal of complaints against a lawyer.
  • Conduct panels which decide whether citations alleging misconduct will be directed against lawyers. Where a lawyer applies for reinstatement, a Conduct Panel may review the application to determine whether it should be granted, denied or conditions imposed.
  • Practice Review panels for statutory referrals to review and assess a lawyer's conduct.
  • Credentials and Education Committee panels which reviews applications and appeals as well as reinstatements.