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Trust Safety

The Law Society of Alberta's new Trust Safety program will be among the most advanced integrated strategies employed in the regulation of legal professions in the world. The Law Society implemented its new program on January 1, 2011, and is continually refining the process.

This new regulatory structure for trust property addresses concerns about rising threats to the security of trust funds. The Law Society’s new strategy around trust safety introduces new control techniques and new audit measures. These new measures are being applied to lawyers based on demonstrated success in complying with trust rules and maintaining adequate books and records.

The key premises and elements of the program are outlined in the Program Design.

Education Program & Accounting Information

For information about the education programs available and detailed information about guidelines, rules, and detailed accounting questions, click here.

Filing Requirements

For information about filing requirements, including key forms, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

All lawyers are encouraged to review the Frequently Asked Questions for details about how the program works.


The complementary education and risk assessment components will enable lawyers to continue to protect themselves and their clients from those threats. The Trust Safety program protects the public interest and will reinforce the confidence of the public about the safety of their trust money.

The Law Society will become an even stronger model regulator with this new regulatory structure and audit controls.

Contact the Law Society

Lawyers are encouraged to contact the Law Society’s Trust Safety department for further information.

You may email the general Trust Safety mailbox or phone 403.228.5632.