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Innovating Regulation

Driven by new technologies, changing business models and the public’s demand for greater access to legal services, the practice of law around the world is evolving. These changes are compelling the Law Society of Alberta to rethink how we regulate the profession.

Working collaboratively, the Law Societies of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba are exploring a spectrum of regulatory approaches including entity regulation, compliance-based regulation and alternative business structures to determine which, if any, may be effective in our jurisdictions. These approaches to regulation, which are proactive and flexible, could foster more innovative, efficient and cost-effective delivery of legal services to the public.

We need help from Alberta lawyers to explore options, identify challenges, mitigate risks and help us make informed decisions about how we regulate the profession going forward.

As a first step in considering these regulatory options, the prairie Law Societies have co-authored a discussion paper and an accompanying abstract. In early January 2016, we will share a full calendar of consultation opportunities with Alberta lawyers.

We encourage you to read these materials, and to stay tuned for further information on a range of consultation opportunities designed to gather your input.