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The Law Society of Alberta governs in the public interest by maintaining and strengthening an independent legal profession. It serves as an advocate to protect the public, and promotes a high standard of legal services and professional conduct among lawyers.

The Law Society of Alberta receives the authority to regulate the legal profession from the Legal Profession Act. It sets out Rules and a Code of Conduct for lawyers in Alberta.

In serving the public interest, it has a Complaints process for members of the public. The Law Society of Alberta provides a process to resolve complaints regarding a lawyer’s ethical conduct. As the regulatory body of Alberta lawyers, the Law Society of Alberta is authorized under the Legal Profession Act to conduct hearings once citations are laid, and to communicate information about the outcomes of hearings. The Law Society of Alberta posts Notices to the Profession, and Hearing Reports regarding suspensions, disbarments, and other disciplinary action.

If members of the public or the legal profession seek lawyer or custodian information, the Law Society of Alberta provides a Lawyer Directory.