The Advisory: Volume 8, Issue 1, January 2010

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New Distance Learning Platform Streamlines Learning

By Leona Dvorak, Ph.D. Regional Coordinator, CPLED

The Canadian Centre for Professional Legal Education (CPLED ) is taking steps to improve its program once again! We have moved our three provincial programs to a new, Canadian owned distance delivery platform, Desire2Learn. Students, professional staff and volunteers find the new platform much easier to use allowing them to concentrate on the business of learning and teaching.

The new platform offers streamlined assignment submissions, a centralized library and a built-in survey tool that we use to research student opinions of the program as it occurs.

Moving to the new platform has other benefits as well. Desire2Learn is costing us $75,000 less each year! And we are paying in Canadian dollars rather than US dollars, making our budget process much more stable.

The CPLED Program serves approximately 500 students-at-law each year across Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba for a period of approximately six months. In the online portion of the CPLED Program, we use the special talents and skills of over 50 high level lawyer volunteers yearly. We continually strive to better support our students and their move to professional status in the field of law.

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