The Advisory: Volume 9, Issue 1, March 2011

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W.B. Kelly Prizes Foster Law Studies

2011 W. Bernie Kelly, QC Memorial Prize

Shannon Beckett

SHANNON BECKETT is in the final semester of her law degree at the University of Calgary where she will earn a Juris Doctor (the school moved away from LLB this year). She also holds a Bachelor of Arts with a double major in English and Psychology from the University of Victoria.

With the vast number of options the legal profession offers, Shannon’s interests are still quite broad and include labour and employment, criminal, immigration, family and aboriginal law. In general, she’s interested in public law and believes working in the public sphere will allow her to give back to the communities that helped encourage her to pursue a legal education.

Following her graduation this spring, Shannon is planning a trip to Nepal and India before starting a clerkship at the Supreme Court of British Columbia in September.

Shannon appreciates the Law Society’s efforts to foster accessibility to legal education and is honoured to be a recipient of the W. Bernie Kelly, QC Memorial Prize.

Chadwick E. Conrad

BEFORE PURSUING a law degree at the University of Calgary, Chad Conrad worked in securities trading automation for nine years and was involved in many international projects, including the automation of the Iraq Stock Exchange. He previously earned Bachelor of Commerce (Finance) and Bachelor of Arts (English) degrees from the University of Calgary in 1999.

Though he’s mindful that many lawyers change areas of practice over the course of their careers, Chad’s current interest lies in tax law. He gained an appreciation for the intellectual challenge of this area during a summer working at Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP in 2009. He is also interested in courtroom work, and hopes to be able to combine this with tax law at some point.

Being recognized with a W. Bernie Kelly, QC Memorial Prize is gratifying for Chad. After years of hard work, Chad will graduate this spring with a Juris Doctor and jokes he’ll have to swear to his wife never again to undertake such a radical switch in direction. Following a family trip to Europe, Chad will begin his articles at the Court of Queen’s Bench in Calgary and will finish at Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP.

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