The Advisory: Volume 9, Issue 2, August 2011

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SoloNet Pilot Project Now Underway

A SIX-MONTH pilot project, SoloNet, is now underway to provide lawyers in sole and small firm settings with a forum to discuss issues and topics of interest to them.

SoloNet is a secure online social network system open only to members of the Law Society of Alberta who are practising in solo settings or in locations outside of major urban centers.

“SoloNet is a great idea that I wish had been in place years ago,” noted Lee James Olesen of Olesen Law Office. “As a sole practitioner, one of the biggest challenges is having a body in the next office to bounce ideas off, or to get advice on anything from procedural and substantive matters to practical advice.”

The Office of the Practice Advisors is offering SoloNet to lawyers independently of the Law Society of Alberta. Lawyers who are sole practitioners or lawyers working in remote locations in the province of Alberta are invited to join.

This network is intended to be an opportunity to share collective professional knowledge and experience, provide a sounding board for lawyers in similar practice settings, and otherwise connect with each other in a closed online environment.

“I appreciate the effort Jocelyn Frazer and the Law Society are putting into this,” noted Arlan Delisle, of Delisle Law in Edson, AB. “Being a sole practitioner, particularly in a rural office, one can feel out of the loop. A network such as this could really grow into something very helpful. I think such support will also help in recruiting others to practice in smaller or rural locations.”

In terms of content on the site, the Law Society of Alberta does not create the content, nor does it moderate these discussions. An individual member’s participation in SoloNet is open to all other members of the network.

Sole practitioners and lawyers in smaller communities who wish to join should send an email to or call Jocelyn Frazer at 403-229-4769 or toll free at 1-888-229-4769.

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