The Advisory: Volume 10, Issue 1, January 2012

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Registries Liaison Committee Re-Established For Stakeholders

By Steve Raby, QC, President-Elect and Representative to Registries Liaison Committee, Law Society of Alberta

The Registries Stakeholder Liaison Committee has recently been reestablished as a forum for communication between Alberta Registries and certain stake-holders in respect of core registration business and policy matters.

This Committee enables key stakeholders of professional and regulatory organizations to:

  • Communicate and provide input on registration business issues, legislative changes, technology matters, industry practices, and similar matters;
  • Develop recommendations to Registries and Service Alberta Executive Management in respect of the foregoing;
  • Plan subsequent communication to other primary external stakeholders; and
  • Publish and disseminate information.

One of the projects on the horizon in Alberta is the Alta2 Redesign project which will support the development of electronic submission of land titles documents. A sub-committee may be formed to assist and/ or provide input associated with the business changes and/or procedural changes contemplated by the Alta2 Redesign project.

The Committee will enable stakeholders such as the Law Society of Alberta to provide input and develop recommendations on projects such as these. In addition to Alberta Registries representatives, stakeholders represented on the Committee would include the Law Society of Alberta, Real Estate Council of Alberta, and the Alberta Land Surveyor Association.

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