The Advisory: Volume 10, Issue 2, April 2012

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Integrated Competence Strategy a High Priority

By James Glass, QC, Bencher and Chair, Continuing Competence Committee, Law Society of Alberta

To fulfill a 2010-2013 Strategic Plan goal, the Continuing Competence Committee is researching and developing recommendations to the Benchers on an integrated competence strategy.

As a first step in the integrated strategy on continuing competence, the Committee was asked this year to develop a definition of “competence”. Considerable time and debate resulted in the Committee adopting the definition of competence in the model Code of Conduct. This definition is a working definition for the committee to guide its work.

In the coming year, the Committee will embark on consultations with various departments of the Law Society of Alberta to ensure that a comprehensive analysis is conducted on the range of existing competence programs.

The intention is to ensure there is a collaborative and comprehensive approach to rationalizing existing and new programs within any integrated competence program that may be recommended.

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