Help with Receiving EBulletins

If you are an active (practising or non-practising) lawyer and the Law Society of Alberta has your current email address, you are automatically on the Law Society of Alberta's email list to receive the EBulletins. If you are not receiving them, please check that:

  • the messages are not in a "junk" folder (see Junk Mail below)
  • the messages are not caught by your SPAM filtering service (see SPAM Filtering below)
  • your correct email address is registered with The Law Society of Alberta

Junk Mail

If you are using Microsoft's Outlook or Outlook Express, please look in the folder named "Junk Email". If you see the bulletin in this folder, click on the "Not Junk" button that appears at the top of your screen.

SPAM Filtering

Please add to your "allowed" list.

SPAM filtering is usually provided through your email service providers.

For offices running internal email systems, please check with your system administrator on how to find SPAM messages and "allowing" specific messages to be delivered.

Others may check with their Internet Service Provider's SPAM services. Usually, these services can be accessed and configured through the webmail interface. For example, use your browser and navigate to where is your service provider (e.g. There is usually a "junk" folder that you can view and a button to say "this is not junk" if your find a legitimate message there (for this to work, you may need to set your preferences to "quarantine" spam rather than just to delete it). The permanent solution is to add to your "allowed" list.