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Thursday, September 26, 2013

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CCTV Proceedings From Edmonton Remand Centre
Civil Practice Town Hall Meetings
Alberta Law Foundation Celebrates 40 Years

CCTV Proceedings From Edmonton Remand Centre

Effective October 15, 2013, the Court shall (subject to the Court ordering otherwise in individual cases) require the use of CCTV video link for the following appearances in the Edmonton Judicial District, by persons in-custody in the Edmonton Remand Centre (ERC)

a) Bail Review Applications,
b) Detention Review Applications,
c) Bail Forfeitures, and
d) Queen’s Bench Appearance Court (QBAC) arraignments, first appearances, summary disposition/guilty pleas and TST (to speak to).

At the effective date, the default will be that accused persons in custody will be required to appear in person only where:

a) the evidence of a witness will be taken at the hearing, or
b) the Court is unable to conclude that the accused understands the proceedings and can make voluntary decisions during the proceedings, or
c) the accused has not filed a Designation of Counsel with the Court (subject to other Court direction), or
d) an interview with a physician is required for a forensic assessment, or
e) a Court Order has been granted requiring/allowing an accused to appear in person.

Those accused who will be appearing by video-link will be identified within the remand system as “QB CCTV”, and transported to the video centre at the Remand Centre at approximately: 8:15 am on the morning of their appearance, with the exception of bail forfeitures; and 1:00 pm for bail forfeitures.

When each remanded accused is to appear, an announcement will be made in Court that the accused is appearing by way of CCTV. The matter can be dealt with either by duty counsel or defence counsel present in the courtroom.

Counsel can interview their client via the video booth on the 2nd floor of the Edmonton Law Courts.

Reviews of this program will be undertaken from time to time, to consider adjustments necessary to ensure the system provides for the needs of the users of the system.

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Civil Practice Town Hall Meetings

The Court is seeking the Bar’s input concerning a number of matters of concern to civil litigators, including JDR booking procedures, the organization of Court files and the “drop dead” rules in the Alberta Rules of Court.

All lawyers with an interest in the practice of civil litigation in the Province of Alberta are invited to attend a town hall meeting in Calgary or Edmonton. Details:

October 9, 2013, 12:30 p.m.
Calgary Courts Centre
Courtroom 1801

October 30, 2013, 12:30 p.m.
Courtroom 317


Alberta Law Foundation Celebrates 40 Years

In April 2013, the Alberta Law Foundation (ALF) celebrated 40 years of operations. In marking this important milestone, the 40th anniversary Annual Report, 2013 reflects not only on the most recently completed fiscal year, but also on the four decades of operations since ALF’s inception.

Since 1973, the Foundation has made grants totalling over $282.5 million to non-profit organizations to support legal research, law libraries, public legal education, and direct legal services to vulnerable populations. In addition, since 1991, ALF has made contributions of over $89.5 million to Legal Aid Alberta.


OPCA Litigants - The Phenomenon of Freemen on the Land

In response to recent media attention to “Organized Pseudolegal Commercial Argument” litigants (OPCA litigants), and specifically Freemen on the Land, the Law Society of Alberta is issuing a Notice reminding lawyers of their obligations when dealing with OPCA litigants. Read the full Notice here.


Distinguished Service Awards

Do you know a lawyer whose community involvement merits recognition?

Consider nominating him or her for a "Service to the Community" Distinguished Service Award. Visit the online nomination form for further details. Nomination deadline is November 15, 2013.


Changes at Alberta Law Libraries

As previously announced, Alberta Law Libraries (ALL) is implementing a plan that will change the ways in which they deliver legal information services to all of their clients. During the coming months, ALL will be implementing a new organizational and service delivery model. This will focus on providing sustained legal information services in the most efficient and effective way without interruption. Read more here.


Alberta Law Review Seeking Submissions

The Alberta Law Review is currently accepting submissions for Volume 51:4, which will be a special issue commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the Alberta Court of Appeal to be published in March of 2014. Read further details here.


Legal Links

CLIA - Bulletin #215 - Back to Basics: Competence in Communications


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