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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

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Leading-Edge Plenary to Explore the Erosion of the Legal Profession’s Monopoly
Declare your 2012 CPD Plan before or on March 15, 2012

Leading-Edge Plenary to Explore the Erosion of the Legal Profession’s Monopoly

Tomorrow at its plenary session at the Alberta Law Conference, Law Society panellists will discuss the erosion of the legal profession’s monopoly.

Plan to attend this important discussion about the future of the legal profession.  It will be held on Thursday, Jan 26, 2012 at 9:30 a.m. at the Westin Hotel.

The Law Society’s plenary will explore what the monopoly is in today’s world, who is making inroads and why, and whether these inroads can be justified as an access to justice solution.

Find out what the Law Society’s recent surveys of the public and the profession tell us about these issues. Learn about the growth of non-lawyer legal service delivery in the province. And discover 10 things lawyers can do to help manage the erosion in this challenging environment. 

Law Society presenters for the Law Society will be Douglas R. Mah, QC, President and Steve Raby, QC, President-Elect, and guest presenter will be Darrel Pink, Executive Director, Nova Scotia Barristers Society.

Doug Mah will discuss the context of legal services delivery in Alberta, and will share the research outcomes and conclusions drawn from the Alternate Delivery of Legal Services project on legal service delivery in Alberta.

Guest presenter Darrel Pink will speak about new and varying models of legal service delivery, and the erosion of self-governance around the globe.

Steve Raby will facilitate a discussion on the access to legal services problems in Alberta and Canada and strategies for the legal profession.

The plenary is part of the Alberta Law Conference hosted by CBA Alberta.


Declare your 2012 CPD Plan before or on March 15, 2012

You will need to declare to the Law Society before or on March 15, 2012 that you have made a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Plan.

Creating and implementing a CPD plan is a “best practice” which demonstrates to the public that Alberta lawyers strive for excellence in their practice of law.

The aim is to ensure that each lawyer in Alberta strives for excellence in their practice through the mandatory annual planning and implementation of an effective CPD plan. To this end, the Rules and Code of Conduct require every active lawyer to:  

  • Annually prepare and make a record of a CPD plan in writing or electronic form;
  • On or before March 15 of each year, make a declaration to the Law Society that their annual CPD plan has been made; and
  • Retain the written or electronic record of the CPD plan for 5 years and produce the CPD plan to the Law Society upon request.

Although there is no mandatory minimum hourly requirement, the annual planning, declaration and implementation of a CPD plan is mandatory for all active lawyers practising in Alberta.

In preparing your plan, you will need to evaluate the implementation of your 2011 CPD Plan.

Lawyers are required to prepare written CPD plans annually, and keep them for five years. For more information on the CPD program, please visit

Online Tools & Resources

Online tools and CPD resources for the development and declaration of a CPD Plan are available at the CPD Alberta website at .


Law Society of Alberta

Careers at the Law Society of Alberta

You can achieve a work/life balance and contribute to our mission to become a model regulator and employer. We offer a respectful, collegial workplace with a comprehensive compensation package, including employer-funded benefits.

The Law Society of Alberta values diversity in its workforce and equal access to opportunity. The Law Society is currently recruiting for a number of positions in both of its Calgary and Edmonton offices including: Counsel, Financial Analyst, and Investigations Assistant. For details, please visit


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