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Friday, April 13, 2012

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Notice of Disbarment - Clarence H. Ewasiuk

On March 12th, 2012, a Hearing Committee disbarred Clarence H. Ewasiuk, a suspended member of the Law Society, who lives in Edmonton and practised there until August 21, 2008 when the Benchers suspended his membership pursuant to section 63 of the Legal Profession Act.

The Hearing Committee found that Mr. Ewasiuk’s conduct was deserving of sanction on numerous citations involving failure to respond on a timely basis to the Law Society,  failure to cooperate with the Law Society, failure to follow accounting rules, failure to respond on a timely basis to his clients, failure to serve his clients, breach of a court order, failure to respond on a timely basis to other lawyers, failure to comply with undertakings, misleading clients by falsely asserting he had settled their claims and being ungovernable.

The Hearing Committee ordered that Mr. Ewasiuk be disbarred and pay the actual costs of the hearing, which were estimated at $17,945.02, prior to any application for reinstatement.


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