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Thursday, January 10, 2013

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New President-Elect and Executive Elected for 2013-14
New Year's Resolution: Be a better lawyer by planning and implementing your 2013 CPD Plan
Law Society of Alberta Plenary

New President-Elect and Executive Elected for 2013-14

At their November meeting, the Benchers elected a new President-Elect and Executive for the upcoming term.

Bencher, Kevin Feth, QC (pictured), will become the President-Elect for the 2013-14 year. Carsten Jensen, QC becomes the Law Society of Alberta President on February 7th when Steve Raby, QC completes his term as President.

Anthony Young, QC will join the new Executive Committee, which also includes Carsten Jensen, QC, Kevin Feth, QC, Rose Carter, QC, James Eamon, QC, James Glass, QC, and Public Representative to the Benchers, Miriam Carey, Ph.D.



New Year's Resolution: Be a better lawyer by planning and implementing your 2013 CPD Plan

On or before March 15, 2013, each active Alberta lawyer is required to make their 2013 Continuing Professional Development Plan Declaration to the Law Society. Behind this requirement is the goal of the Law Society’s CPD Program for each lawyer to strive for excellence in the practice of law and delivery of legal services to their clients. This means taking the time to evaluate your professional development goals to become a better lawyer and making a concrete plan to achieve those goals. This approach to continuing professional development builds on the strong ethic within the legal profession of self-directed lifelong learning.

Online tools are available at to assist you in the development of your professional development goals, as well as to make and declare your CPD Plan. The online tools have been available to Alberta lawyers for five years now and a recent evaluation of the CPD Program shows that lawyers using the online tools have prepared and implemented better CPD Plans.

Continuing professional development activities go well beyond the traditional course delivery model and can include a wide range of endeavours related to legal practice including: teaching law, writing an academic article, attending post-secondary institution law courses, training on ethics and professionalism, mentoring a junior lawyer, study groups, section meetings of the CBA, learning a new technology to deliver legal services, seeking out practice management techniques, seeking out a mentor, developing an in-house CPD program for your law firm or law department, as well as joining SoloNet. For suggestions on a range of activities visit the Law Society’s website at

The annual planning, declaration and implementation of a CPD Plan is mandatory for all active lawyers practising in Alberta. By March 15, 2013 all active Alberta lawyers must prepare and declare their 2013 CPD Plan. Pursuant to Rule 67.2, lawyers must retain their CPD Plan in written or electronic format for five years and produce their CPD Plan to the Law Society upon request. In furtherance of the strategic goals of the Law Society, the CPD Program is an important aspect of the regulatory mandate of the Law Society to be accountable to the public for the ongoing professional development and competence of lawyers in Alberta. For more information on the CPD Program contact the CPD Department at 403-229-4766 or via email at


Law Society of Alberta Plenary

The Law Society of Alberta plenary at the Alberta Law Conference session will take place on Thursday, January 31, 2013 from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. at the Fairmont Hotel Macdonald in Edmonton, Alberta. This year's topic is "Vanishing New Lawyers, Validating Competence, and Adding Value to Trust Safety: How the Law Society Envisions Staying Ahead of the Curve.”


Law Society of Alberta

Distinguished Service Award Recipients Named

Four outstanding lawyers in Alberta will be honoured with a 2013 Distinguished Service Award at the upcoming Alberta Law Conference.

The Law Society of Alberta and the Canadian Bar Association Alberta will present awards to the following:

  • Arlene J. Kwasniak for Distinguished Service in Legal Scholarship
  • Thomas R. Owen for Distinguished Service to the Community
  • Alexander D. Pringle, QC for Distinguished Service to the Profession
  • Yessy Byl for Distinguished Service in Pro Bono Legal Service

The 2013 Distinguished Service Awards luncheon will be held on Friday, February 1, 2013 (11:30 a.m.) at The Fairmont Hotel MacDonald in Edmonton, Alberta.

The Law Society and CBA Alberta extend a sincere thank you to those who submitted nominations for these annual awards.

To order luncheon tickets, please contact CBA Alberta at


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