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The Advisory magazine was published for lawyers, stakeholders and affiliates of the Law Society of Alberta from 1987 to 2012.

The Advisory Index is a consolidated index of articles and subjects in the Advisory since February 2000, with links to issues and references to articles.

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Volume 10, Issue 3 (July 2012)
Creating Pro Bono Opportunities

Volume 10, Issue 2 (April 2012)
The Retention and Re-Engagement of Lawyers

Volume 10, Issue 1 (January 2012)
Supporting Sole Practitioners
and Small Businesses


1987 to 2011

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Index of Articles since February 2000

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A Short History of Legal Aid Alberta Oct 2010 p.3

Aboriginal Law Summer Program creates Environment for Students to Become Invested in Law, Jun 2010 p.10

Aboriginal Law Student Summer Program Fosters Relationships, Nov 2007 p.11

Aboriginal Law Student Summer Program Places Trio into Summer Positions, Jocelyn Frazer, Nov 2008 p.7

Aboriginal Law Student Summer Program Provides Career Opportunities, Jun 2010 p.10

Aboriginal Student and Lawyer Mentorship Pilot Launched, Rodney Jerke, QC and John Prouse, QC, Jan 2006 p.4

About the Counsel Department, Janet Dixon, QC, Sept 2009 p.12

About the Policy, Governance and Research Group, Mar 2011, p.6

Access to Justice is Primary Concern for LSA, Doug McGillivray, QC, July/Aug 2003 p.1

Access to Justice Issues Continue to Attract Attention of Stakeholders in Alberta’s Civil Justice System, Peter Michalyshyn, QC, July/Aug 2005 p.7

Access to Justice Key to Confidence in Justice System, Honourable Alison Redford, QC, Minister of Justice and Attorney General, Mar 2009 p.5

Access to Justice: a Principled Discussion on Legal Services, Honourable Alison Redford, QC, Minister of Justice and Attorney General, Sept 2009 p.2

Access to Motor Vehicle Information regulation, Steve Raby, QC, May 2004 p.7

Actions Taken on Unauthorized Practise, Everett Bunnell, QC, Jan 2003 p.12

Admission of New Lawyer Makes Justice Accessible in Home Community, Shirish P. Chotalia, Mar 2009 p.6

Advance Notice: Increase to Insurance Levy Ahead, Sarah Brickett, Jan 2002 p.5

Advantages of a Law Firm Pro Bono Policy, Mar 2009 p.7

Advertising Rules Explained, Nancy Carruthers and Ross McLeod, Jan 2006 p.5

Agreement Directs Law Society’s Interest in Legal Aid Governance, Kirk MacDonald Oct.2010 p.4

Agreement Extends Mobility to Members of the Chambres des notaires du Québec, Apr 2012 p.6

Alan Dale Hunter, QC, Bencher and Law Society of Alberta Past President, Jun 2010 p.14

Alberta Business Corporation Act Review, Andrew Hladyshevsky, QC, May 2003 p.11

Alberta Code of Conduct Approved by Benchers, Mar 2011, p.5

Alberta Considering a Model for a Single Trial Court, Honourable Dave Hancock, QC, Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Alberta, Mar 2003 p.6

Alberta Judicial Appointments Announced, May 2002 p.12

Alberta Justice Creates Social Studies Resource Manual, Nov 2002 p.10

Alberta Justice Update: Access to Justice Continues to be a Priority, Paul Bourque, Deputy Minister of Justice, Apr 2001 p.6

Alberta Land Surveyors Approve Changes to Real Property Report, June 2001 p.3

Alberta Law Foundation Increases in Funding provides Stability to Legal Aid, Dec 2011 p.1

Alberta Lawyer Elected Red Cross National President, Jessi-Ann Riddell, Mar 2005 p.4

Alberta Lawyers Appointed as Queen’s Counsel, Feb 2000 p.9

Alberta Lawyers Elect 2004-2006 Benchers, Jan 2004 p.2

Alberta Lawyers’ Assistance Society: The Economic Downturn, Craig Kinsman, Mar 2009 p.10

Alberta Lawyers’ Assistance Society: Your Assist Program, Craig Kinsman, May 2008 p.3

Alberta Legal Community Welcomes Aboriginal Law Students, John Prowse, QC, July/Aug 2006 p.1

Alberta to Amend Business Corporations Act, Charlie Gardner, QC, Jan 2002 p.6

Alberta to Proceed with Unified Family Court, Honourable Dave Hancock, QC, Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Alberta, May 2003 p.8

ALF Grant Awarded for Survey of Legal Profession, Rhonda Ruston, QC, Jan 2003 p.11

ALIA Hires Claims Investigator, Aug 2001 p.2

ALIA Update: Insurance Issues, Sarah Brickett, Aug 2001 p.6

Alternate Delivery of Legal Services Committee on Second Phase of Mandate, Sept 2009 p.5

Alternate Delivery of Legal Services Comittee Preparing Final Recommendations, Douglas R. Mah, QC, Jan 2012 p.6

Alternate Delivery of Legal Services Project Continues, Douglas Mah, QC, Sept 2009 p.3

Alternative Law Firms Leverage Technology to Meet Client Needs, Mar 2011, p.6

Alternative Measures for Conduct Complaints, Dec 2011 p.4

Amended Rule Adds Clinic as Pro Bono Services Provider, Brad Nemetz, QC, Nov 2006 p.5

Amendments Provide Greater Clarity to Assurance Fund, Carsten Jensen, QC, May 2008 p.9

Amendments to the Trustee Act, Mar 2002 p.11

Annual Fee Almost Flat, Annual Levy Up, Brad Nemetz, QC, Nov 2005 p.1

Annual Fee and Assurance Fund Levy Set, Cheryl C. Gottselig, QC, Jan 2002 p.4

Annual Fee and Assurance Fund Levy Set, Ken Nielsen, QC, Feb 2000 p.4

Annual Fee Set at $1,020, Charlie Gardner, QC, Nov 2004 p.2

Application Service Providers (computer technology), Paul McLaughlin, Aug 2000 p.12

Are Your Employees Honest?, Jan 2002 p.5

Are Your Employees Honest?, Lisa Sabo, May 2006 p.6

Articling Student Matching Program, Apr 2007 p.11

As a Regulator, the Law Society Takes the Safety of Trust Property Seriously, Don Thompson, QC  Oct 2010 p.2

Askov Motions (Unreasonable Delay) Scarce at Court of Queen’s Bench, Michelle Somers, May 2004 p.4

Assist Offers Support to the Legal Profession, Dec 2011 p.7

Assist Program Moves Into 2006, Andy Crooks, Jan 2006 p.4

AtLAS Changes Name to Alberta Law Line, May 2005 p.7

Attention Plaintiff’s Counsel: A Message from Your Insurer, Sarah Brickett, Apr 2001 p.11

Automobile Insurance Reform Changes in Effect, Ron Everard, QC, Nov 2004 p.6

Avoiding the Drink at the “Last Chance Saloon”, W. Brent Cotter, QC, Dean of the College of Law, University of Saskatchewan, Mar 2009 p.4

Awards Celebrate Excellence in Legal Profession, Perry Mack, QC, May 2008 p.1

Award Ceremony to Shine a Light on Four Outstanding Lawyers, Jan 2010 p.10

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Backgrounders to Legal Research (Law Society Libraries), Robert Leigh, Feb 2000 p.7

Be Conscientious When Communicating With Court, Nancy Carruthers, May 2005 p.5

Be Wary of Conflicting Duties, Ross McLeod, July/Aug 2005 p.6

Bencher Candidates Can Now Contact Voters, July/Aug 2008 p.11

Bencher Election Results, Feb 2000 p.20

Benchers Approve Pro Bono Strategic Plan, Douglas Mah, QC, Mar 2005 p.3

Benchers Election: Results, Jan 2006 p.3

Benchers Form New Access to Justice Committee, Mar 2009 p.2

Benchers Modify CPLED Rules, Credentialing Process, Douglas Mah, QC, Feb 2007 p.3

Benchers put MDP Debate to Rest, Susan V.R. Billington, July/Aug 2003 p.7

Benchers Set 2000-2001 Budget and Fees, Tony Friend, QC, Jan 2001 p.3

Benchers Welcome Larry Ackerl, Jan 2010 p.7

Best Are Recognized at the DSA, Jessi-Ann Riddell, May 2005 p.3

Billing Made Easy, Jan 2009 p.2

BMO Bank of Montreal Says ‘Yes’ to Protocol, Larry Anderson, QC, July/Aug 2004 p.1

Boundary Changes for 2003 Elections, Jim Peacock, QC, July/Aug 2003 p.3

Bring Advertising Questions Forward, Ronald J. Everard, QC, May 2006 p.3

Budget 2004: No Increase in Active Member Fee, Jim Peacock, QC, Nov 2003 p.3

Business Plan and Budget Keeps Fees at Current Levels, Dec 2011 p.4

Business Plan Guides 2008 Budget, Dale Spackman, QC, Nov 2007 p.3

Business Planning is Key, Doug McGillivray, QC, Mar 2005 p.1

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Calgary Courthouse Update: Your Help is Needed!, Cheryl Gottselig, QC, Aug 2001 p.4

Calgary Family Lawyer Inducted into Alberta Order of Excellence, Dec 2011 p.14

Calgary Lawyers Honoured for Fifty Years of Service, Dec 2011 p.12

Calgary Legal Guidance Accepting Applications for Volunteer Lawyers, Jan 2006 p.1

Calgary Legal Guidance Celebrates 30 Years, Susan V.R. Billington, July 2002 p.7

Calgary Legal Guidance To Celebrate 40th Anniversary, Dec 2011 p.6

Calgary Legal Guidance Wins National Award, Susan V.R. Billington, Feb 2007 p.1

Canadian Cheque Specs Change, Benchers Bulletin/Law Society of British Columbia, Mar 2006 p.4

Canadian Forum on Civil Justice: An Invitation to Join, Diana J. Lowe, Nov 2001 p.3

Canadian Legislation on the Internet (Law Society Libraries), Robert Leigh, Apr 2000 p.11

Candid Conversations held with Women in Law, Apr 2012 p.8

CanLII Looks to the Future, Douglas Mah, QC, July/Aug 2006 p.3

CanLII Website Strengthens Case Offerings, Jim Eamon, QC, Sept 2009 p.7

Case Comment: Lydian Properties Inc. v. Chambers, Nancy Carruthers and Ross McLeod, QC, May 2009 p.7

Caution When Advising Purchasers Mortgage is Assumable, Steve Raby, QC, Mar 2004 p.7

Celebrating 30 Years with LSA, Nov 2003 p.2

Celebrating 50 years at the Bar, Mar 2003 p.2

Centennial Book Illustrates Vibrant History, Nov 2007 p.7

Centennial Stamp to Honour Alberta Legal Profession, Sept 2007 p.15

Chairs of Equality, Equity and Diversity Committee 1991-2006, Nov 2006 p.7

Changes in Residential Real Estate Practice, Jan 2001 p.5

Changes Made to Legal Profession Act, Jan 2003 p.9

Changes Signal New Era for CPLED Program, Trevor Clark, Nov 2008 p.5

Changes to Advertising Rules Effective February 2007, Mona Duckett, QC, Nov 2006 p.4

Changes to Residential Real Estate Practice: Western Law Societies Conveyancing Project, Jack Dunphy, Susan V.R. Billington, Apr 2001 p.4

Changes to the Rules of Court, Geoffrey Ho, QC, Mar 2002 p.6

Changing Your Contact Information, July/Aug 2004 p.4

Check Your Inbox for LSA Emails, May 2004 p.6

Checking In With the Numbers (membership statistics), Don Thompson, QC, Nov 2005 p.5

Child Advocacy Pro Bono Project Assists Vulnerable Youth, Rodney Jerke, QC, May 2008 p.8

Child Care Covered for LSA Volunteers, Rodney Jerke, QC, May 2005 p.3

Child Friendly “Family Law”: Don’t Get Lost in the Shuffle, Children’s Legal and Educational Resource Centre, Sept 2007 p.13

Child-Friendly Family Law Handbook Being Developed, Dale Hensley, Jan 2004 p.4

Children’s Legal Services Pilot Project Begins, Susan Billington, Nov 2002 p.8

Civility and Practice Management, Paul McLaughlin, Jan 2001 p.12

Civility Initiative: Time for Action, Barry Vogel, QC, Feb 2000 p.13

Civility Revisited, Nancy Carruthers and Ross McLeod, Nov 2005 p.7

Claims by Mortgage Companies: Cautions to Real Estate Practitioners, Donald R. Cranston, QC, Mar 2003 p.7

Clearinghouse Aimed at Solving Bench and Bar Disputes, Mona Duckett, QC, Jan 2004 p.5

CLG Launches Family Law Duty Counsel Pilot Project, Susan V.R. Billington, May 2003 p.9

Client Consent Needed When Lawyers Make FOIP Request, Karen O’Reilly, July 2002 p.6

Client ID Rule Amendments Aligned with Model Rule, Mar 2009 p.2

Client Identification and Verification Rules Minimize Risk, Dec 2011 p.3

Code of Conduct Changes, July/Aug 2004 p.1

Code of Professional Conduct Amendments, Charlie Gardner, QC, Jan 2002 p.11

Code of Professional Conduct Sub-Committee, Charles D. Gardner, QC, June 2001 p.5

Collaborating On the Internet, Paul McLaughlin, June 2000 p.12

Commemorative Book Launch Set for October 23, 2007, Sept 2007 p.15

Committee Recommends Exploring Models to Enhance Legal Services Delivery to Low-income Albertans, Aug 2011 p.6

Common Law Degree Implementation Approved and Underway, James Eamon, QC, Apr 2012 p.5

Complaint Synopsis (Dec 1, 1999-Feb 29, 2000), Apr 2000 p.14

Complaint Synopsis (Mar 1-Apr 30, 2000), June 2000 p.11

Complaint Synopsis (Oct 1-Nov 30, 1999), Feb 2000 p.18

Complaint Synopsis, Nov 2000 p.5

Complying With Privacy Legislation, Jessica Arts, Nov 2005 p.3

Composite Articles a Win-Win for Both Employers and Students, Marie L. Gordon, QC, Apr 2010 p.6

Conduct Report and Warning: Receiving Funds from Non-Clients is Full of Risks, Bradley G. Nemetz, QC, Mar 2008 p.4

Confidentiality Agreements Affecting Lawyers’ Disclosure of Legal Concepts, Dale Spackman, QC, Mar 2006 p.3

Congratulations on Judicial Appointment to Provincial Court, Aug 2011 p.3

Congratulations on Judicial Appointment to Provincial Court, Dec 2011 p.18

Consider Code of Conduct Rule when Notarizing Document, Rick Hilborn, QC, Jan 2009 p.5

Consult the Code Before Talking About a Client, Vaughn Myers, QC, May 2005 p.5

Consultations Held for Court Technology, Vivian Stevenson, QC, Mar 2004 p.2

Content of Canadian Law Degree Under Review, Don Thompson, QC, Jan 2008 p.3

Contingency Fee Issues, Nancy Carruthers and Ross McLeod, Feb 2007 p.6

Continuing Competence Review a Strategic Priority, Aug 2011 p.5

Continuing Professional Development Plans to be Required, Peter Michalyshyn, QC, Nov 2007 p.12

Continuing Professional Development Program to be Developed for Alberta Lawyers, Cheryl Gottselig, QC, Nov 2003 p.1

Convenient Access to Information About Alberta’s Courts, Kate Welsh, Apr 2001 p.11

Conveyancing Protocol Available with National Parks, Steve Raby, QC, Mar 2005 p.6

Core Documents to be Provided Online, Eileen Dooley, Nov 2002 p.1

Corporate Law Reform Lawyers Should Know, Dale Spackman, QC, July/Aug 2005 p.3

Counsel Positions Serve the Public Interest and Protect Principles of Justice, Dec 2011 p.6

Court Annexed Mediation, Honourable Dave Hancock, QC, Minister of Justice, JulyAug 2008 p.10

Court of Queen’s Bench To Hire Case Management Counsel, Mar 2011, p.14

Courtroom Video Links Enhance Administration of Justice, May 2006 p.7

Courts Getting ready to Make Technology Improvements, Larry Anderson, QC, Mar 2003 p.3

CPD Program Presentations Aim to Engage Lawyers, Margaret Hollis, July/Aug 2008 p.8

CPD Program Resonates with Alberta Lawyers, Sept 2009 p.3

CPLED Licensing Based on Completing Evaluations, Trevor Clarke, Jan 2009 p.7

CPLED Program: The Next Step, Trevor Clarke, Mar 2009 p.11

CPLED: Introducing the Bar Admission Course, Joan Copp, Jan 2004 p.3

Credentials and Education Committee: the Membership Gatekeeper, Brian Peterson, QC, July/Aug 2004 p.2

Criminal Practice Advisory Committee Provides Counsel to LSA and Government, Vaughan Myers, QC, Mar 2004 p.4

Crisis: Getting Ahead of the Curve, Craig Kinsman, May 2009 p.8

Critical Illness Practice Checklist Available on Law Society Website, Sept 2009 p.4

Current and Past Benchers Appointed to Court of Queen’s Bench, May 2003 p.5

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Decrease in Insurance Levy Set, Bradley Nemetz, QC, May 2006 p.5

Demand vs Supply Imbalance Results in Perception of an Unjust and Unfair System, Don Thompson, QC, Jan 2008 p.1

Depositing Trust Money and Credit Union Cheques, Glen Arnston, May 2002 p.8

Developing a Proactive Approach to Continuing Competence, Dec 2011 p.15

Developing Strategies for Retention and Re-Engagement of Lawyers, Sarah J. King D'Souza, QC Oct 2010 p.9

Developments in the Conduct Department: Pre-Hearing Conferences, Kenneth G. Nielsen, QC, Nov 2000 p.5

Digital Court Reporting Project, Jim McLaughlin, Apr 2000 p.13

Digital Credentials, Certification Authorities and Other Techie Stuff, Dale R. Spackman, QC, Aug 2000 p.6

Discrimination, Harassment or Internal Conflict?, Jeanne Byron, June 2000 p.8

Distance Learning Focus of CPLED Role, Leona Dvorak, PhD, Jan 2010 p.7

Distinguished Service Awards Celebrate Excellence In Legal Profession, Mar 2011, p.9

Distinguished Service Awards Recognize Outstanding Lawyers, Jan 2009 p.3

Distinguished Service Awards, Eileen Dooley, Mar 2002 p.5

Distinguished Service Honoured, Jessi-Ann Riddell, May 2004 p.2

Distinguished Service Honourees Recognized for Exemplary Leadership, Jul 2012 p.12

Diversity in Law Society Committees, Norman Picard, QC, and Susan V.R. Billington, Jan 2001 p.9

Diversity in Law Society Committees: Your Chance to Get Involved, Mona Duckett, QC, Nov 2001 p.7

Do You Know Your Client?, Ross McLeod, May 2008 p.9

Do You Mind if I Ask…? (hiring interviews), Jeanne Bryon, Aug 2000 p.8

Does a Developer Have to Hold Purchase Monies in Trust?, Nov 2006 p.9

Does Your Firm Have a Diversity Policy?, Rodney Jerke, QC, May 2005 p.4

Don McLaws, George Crawford Celebrate 60 Years as Members of Alberta Bar, Feb 2000 p.12

Donald P. McLaws: 1913-2008 (LSA President 1971-1972), July/Aug 2008 p.11

Dower Consent Schedule to the Standard Form AREA Listing Agreement, Steve Raby, QC, Nov 2008 p.6

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Earlier is Better at Queen’s Bench, Michelle Somers, Nov 2004 p.3

ECEJ Celebrates Gala Grand Opening, Susan V.R. Billington, Mar 2003 p.5

Edmonton Centre for Equal Justice: Seeking Justice for All, June 2001 p.11

Edmonton Community Legal Centre Offers Pro Bono Opportunities for Retiring Lawyers, Jul 2012 p.6

Edmonton Judge Honoured with National Pro Bono Award, Kevin Feth, QC Oct 2010 p.11

EED Milestones, Nov 2006 p.6

Effective and Timely Decisions of a Model Regulator, Don Thompson, QC, Sept 2007 p.11

Electronic Versions of Factums on Appeals to be Posted on SCC Website, Mar 2009 p.9

Emerging Mortgage Fraud Trends, May 2009 p.4

Equality in Employment Interviews, Yvonne Stanford and Susan V.R. Billington, May 2004 p.7

Equality in the Interviewing Process, June Ross, QC, May 2003 p.10

Equality, Equity and Diversity Committee Evolving, Stephen Raby, QC, Nov 2006 p.6

Equity and Diversity Survey, Rhonda Ruston, QC, May 2003 p.10

Equity Ombudsperson Acts as Independent Resource, Jocelyn Frazer, July/Aug 2008 p.5

Equity Ombudsperson Program Extended, Paul Sharek, QC, Feb 2000 p.11

Ethically Speaking: Alberta a Leader in Drafting a Model Code, Ross McLeod, QC Oct 2010 p.11 

Ethically Speaking: Alberta’s New Code of Conduct - Public Statements, Dec 2011 p.13

Ethically Speaking: Alberta’s New Code of Conduct — What Do You Need to Know?, Aug 2011 p.12

Ethically Speaking: Cap and Fade: The Disappearing Client, Mar 2011, p.11

Ethically Speaking: Choosing and Refusing Clients – An Access Issue, Ross McLeod, QC, Mar 2009 p.10

Ethically Speaking: Client Verification Rules and Fraud Prevention, Dec. 2010 p.11

Ethically Speaking: Do I Need to Report Myself?, Ross McLeod, QC, Jan 2010 p.11

Ethically Speaking: The Ethics of Limited Scope Retainers, Nancy Carruthers, Jan 2012 p.11

Ethically Speaking: Getting Away from it all, Jun 2010 p.11

Ethically Speaking: Lawyers as Witnesses – What About My Fees?, Nancy Carruthers, July/Aug 2008 p.9

Ethically Speaking: Legal Aid Lawyers and the New Client Identification Rules, Nancy Carruthers, Jan 2009 p.4

Ethically Speaking: Mortgage Fraud – Some Ethical Issues, Nancy Carruthers and Ross McLeod, QC, May 2009 p.6

Ethically Speaking: New Conflict of Interest Rules for Non-Profit Legal Services Provider, Nancy Carruthers, Sept 2009 p.11

Ethically Speaking: Procedural and Ethical Obligations Under the New ‘Drop Dead’ Rule, Nancy Carruthers, Apr 2012 p.12

Ethically Speaking: Should Pro Bono Be Mandatory?, Ross McLeod, QC, Jul 2012 p.10

Ethically Speaking: Tips for Delivering Bad News, Ross McLeod, QC, Apr 2010 p.11

Ethics and the new Money Laundering Legislation, Paul McLaughlin, Nov 2001 p.4

Ethics In Practice: Joint Family Conflict – A Family Law Dilemma, Ross McLeod, QC, Nov 2007 p.10

Ethics in Practice: Signing Court Orders, Ross McLeod, QC, Mar 2008 p.5

Eulogy for Tom Mayson Dec. 2010 p.10

Evaluate your 2010 CPD Goals, Dec. 2010 p.12

Evening Clinics Need Lawyers, Feb 2007 p.3

Evolution of the Complaints Resolution Program, Irene MacEachern, June 2001 p.7

Excellence in Legal Profession Celebrated, Sheila Serup, Apr 2007 p.1

Excess Insurance Premiums to Rise, May 2002 p.7

Exclusive Use Arrangements in Condominium Projects, Steve Raby, QC, Jan 2005 p.7

Executive Director’s Report: Case for Developing National Admission Standards, Don Thompson, QC, Sept 2009 p.1

Executive Director's Report: Developing Organizational Priorities at the Law Society of Alberta, Dec.2010 p.2

Executive Director’s Report: Examining How We Serve in the Public Interest, Don Thompson, QC, Apr 2010 p. 2

Executive Director’s Report: Improving Public Access to Legal Services Includes Embracing Pro Bono Initiativess, Thompson, QC, Jul 2012 p.2

Executive Director’s Report: National Standards Approved for Canadian Common Law Degree (also Welcome to New Deputy Executive Director – Regulation), Don Thompson, QC, Jan 2010 p.1

executive Director’s report: Online Policies and Programs Support Sole Practitioners and Small Firm Lawyers, Don Thompson, QC, Jan 2012 p.2

Executive Director’s Report: Retention and Re-Engagement of Lawyers in Private Practice of Law a Key Focus of Law Society, Don Thompson, QC, Apr 2012 p.2

Executive Director's Report: Strategic Goals Support Sole Practitioners and Small Firm Lawyers, Mar 2011, p.2

Executive Director’s Report: Strategic Plan Update: Work on National Standards on Target, Aug 2011 p.2

Executive Director’s Report: Three Dimensions of Risk Being Strategically Managed, Dec 2011 p.2

Executive Director’s Report: What the Law Society is doing to Prevent Mortgage Fraud, Don Thompson, QC, Jun 2010, p.2

Express Pride in Role of Lawyers as Legislators, Honourable Peter Lougheed, Nov 2007 p.4

Extra-Provincial Registration of Limited Liability Corporations, Steve Raby, QC, Jan 2008 p.6

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Facilitating Diversity in LSA Governance, Rodney Jerke, QC, Nov 2004 p.7

Factors that Make Lawyers Leave Need to be Addressed, John Higgerty, QC, July/Aug 2008 p.5

Fall Back to Pro Bono!, Dec 2011 p.9

Family Law Lawyers: Legal Aid Alberta Needs You!, Sept 2007 p.13

Family Law Matters, Honourable Madam Justice Marguerite J. Trussler, July/Aug 2006 p.6

Family Law Office Having Positive Impact, Nancy Brown Medwid, Mar 2003 p.5

Family Law Office, Sept 2007 p.13

Family Law Pilot Assists Clients in Court, Douglas R. Mah, QC, Jan 2012 p.6

Family Law Reform, Honourable Dave Hancock, QC, Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Alberta, Mar 2002 p.4

Family Members Can Now Own Shares in Professional Corporations, Scott Watson, QC, Apr 2010 p. 5

Federation of Canadian Law Societies of Canada: Who Are They?, Dale Spackman, QC, Mar 2005 p.7

Federation of Law Societies Promotes Cause of Justice, Mona Duckett, QC, Apr 2012 p.4

Fee Mediation: At Your Service, Susan V.R. Billington, Maurice Dumont, QC, June 2001 p.10

Feedback Sought on Recruitment Rules, Vivian Stevenson, QC, Jan 2008 p.5

Fifty Years of Service to the Profession, Jessi-Ann Riddell, Jan 2003 p.4

Fifty Years of Service, Ken Nielsen, QC, Mar 2002 p.3

Fillable LSA Forms Online Now, Mar 2009, p.3

Finance Committee Offers Members Budget Experience, Jim Peacock, QC, Jan 2004 p.6

Finance Committee Undertaking Additional Initiatives, Dale Spackman, QC, Jan 2008 p.3

Financial Institutions Not Returning Cheques, Lisa Wickstrom and Brian Olesky, May 2006 p.6

Five New Benchers Join Convocation, Feb 2000 p.3

Footnote to Law Society Operating Costs, Barry Vogel, QC, Apr 2000 p.9

Fraud Alert: Bank Drafts and Counterfeit Certified Cheques, Mike Martin, May 2008 p.11

Free Desktop Research Tools From LESA, Richard G. Ferguson, May 2005 p.6

Frequently-Asked Questions About New Bar Admission Course: CPLED, Jim Peacock, QC, May 2004 p.3

Frequently Asked Questions about Trust Safety Program Forms, Apr 2012 p.10

From Sarah Brickett, Director of Insurance, May 2003 p.4

From the Law Society Libraries, Mona Pearce, Apr 2001 p.5

From the Law Society Libraries, Mona Pearce, Nov 2001 p.5

From the Law Society Libraries: POFs and Trials (Proof of Facts), Robert Leigh, June 2000 p.9

From the Libraries, Mona Pearce, May 2002 p.5

From the President (Convocation), Mona Duckett, QC, July/Aug 2006 p.1

From the President (EED anniversary), Mona Duckett, QC, Nov 2006 p.1

From the President (LSA centennial), Jim Peacock, QC, Sept 2007 p.2

From the President: A Call to Examine the Culture of Our Profession, Perry Mack, QC, July/Aug 2008 p.1

From the President: All Lawyers to Consider Doing their Part in Providing Pro Bono Legal Services, Steve Raby, QC, Jul 2012 p.1

From the President: An Obligation to Support Legal Aid Plans, Perry Mack, QC, Jan 2009 p.1

From the President: Approach Will Lead to Adoption of 2010 Strategic Plan, Peter Michalyshyn, QC, Jan 2010 p.1

From the President: Bencher Election Key to Independence of Legal Profession, Aug 2011 p.1

From the President: Creating Awareness about Retention and Re-Engagement of Lawyers in Alberta, Steve Raby, QC, Apr 2012 p.1

From the President: Independence of Legal Profession A Hallmark of Democracy, Rod Jerke, QC, Apr 2010 p. 1

From the President: Goodbye To All That, Douglas R. Mah, QC, Jan 2012 p. 1

From the President: Law Society Administers Fair, Open and Transparent Regulatory System, Perry Mack, QC, Mar 2008 p.1

From the President: Lawyers Serving Their Communities, Perry Mack, QC, May 2008 p.1

From the President: Managing Risk in an Economic Downturn, Peter Michalyshyn, QC, May 2009 p.1

From the President: Managing Risk in the Public Interest, Dec 2011 p.1

From the President: New Initiatives Intended to Ensure Competence and Professionalism, Jim Peacock, QC, Nov 2007 p.1

From the President: Profession is a Nation of Shopkeepers, Perry Mack, QC, Nov 2008 p.1

From the President: Protection of the Public, Rod Jerke, QC, Jun 2010 p.1

From the President: Job of Regulating Lawyers in a Changing Societal Context, Mar 2011 p.1

From the President: Rewards Offset Challenges of Being a Bencher, Jim Peacock, QC, Jan 2008 p.1

From the President: Why the Regulator is Talking About Access to Justice, Peter Michalyshyn, QC, Mar 2009 p.1

From the President: Work Continues on Access to Legal Services, Peter Michalyshyn, QC, Sept 2009 p.1

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Gala Dinner One of Key 100th Anniversary Events, Phyllis Smith, QC, and Pat Peacock, QC, Nov 2006 p.2

Gap Narrowing Between Lawyers and Agents, Everett Bunnell, QC, Nov 2002 p.11

Goals and Objectives of Pro Bono Law Alberta, Jul 2012 p.5

Good News and Bad News from Land Titles, Steve Raby, QC, May 2004 p.6

Governance and Policy Staff Lawyer in Calgary, Sept 2009 p.5

Government Task Force to Recommend Improvements to Alberta Family Courts, Marlene Graham, QC, MLA Calgary-Lougheed, Aug 2000 p.4

Grande Prairie Legal Guidance Clinic Opens, Jan 2009 p.7

Greater Opportunities in Three-Year Term, Mona Duckett, QC, May 2008 p.5

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Handling of Subrogated Claims: A Message from WCB, Bill Ostapek, Aug 2001 p.7

Harmonizing the Bar Admission Course for Western Canada, Sheila Redel, May 2003 p.9

Healing Power of “Sorry”, J.R. (Roy) Nickerson, QC, Jan 2009 p.6

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! (courts time capsule project), Sept 2007 p.14

Heart of the Matter: By Lawyers, for Lawyers (Benevolent Fund), Norman Picard, QC, June 2001 p.3

Help! I Need a New Legal Assistant!, Paul McLaughlin, Feb 2000 p.19

Highlights of the 2009 Annual Business Plan, Mar 2009 p.6

How LSA Strives to Increase Access to Justice, Don Thompson, QC, Mar 2009 p.3

How LSA Supports Lawyers Providing Pro Bono Services, Don Thompson, QC, Jan 2009 p.3

How to Make Technology Decisions, Paul McLaughlin, Nov 2002 p.7

How to Spot Suspicious Transactions: Complying with PCMLA, Paul McLaughlin, Jan 2002 p.7

Humble Roots Give Rise to 50 years of Lawyering, Jim Peacock, QC, Nov 2007 p.1

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Impacts of Current Economic Conditions, Don Thompson, QC, May 2009 p.1

Implementing a Model Policy on Respectful Workplace, Greg Francis, Nov 2006 p.7

Important Dates When Hiring Students, Juliana Topolniski, QC, Mar 2003 p.3

Important Information for Pension Plans, Carole Aippersbach, May 2004 p.5

Important Information on the New Discovery Rules, Feb 2000 p.2

Important Insurance News: New Policy Exclusion Effective July 1, 2000, Sarah Brickett, Apr 2000 p.5

Important Issues Facing Corporate Commercial Practice, Dale Spackman, QC, July/Aug 2004 p.6

Important Notice: Effective Date of LSA Membership Cards, Mar 2009 p.7

Improving the Claims Process of the Assurance Fund, Dale Spackman, QC, Jan 2008 p.3

In with the New! Alternative Business Structures focus of Law Conference Plenary, Dec 2010 p.14

Inaugural PIPA Conference, Mar 2006 p.6

Increase in Decisions Posted Foster CanLII Website Growth, Douglas Mah, QC, May 2008 p.4

Increased Civil Claims Limit Opens Courthouse Doors, Honourable Dave Hancock, QC, Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Alberta, Jan 2003 p.10

Increased Investment Loss and Fraud Claims Impacts Insurance Levy, May 2009 p.9

Increased Understanding of Protocol, Mortgage Fraud and Mortgage Discharges, Steve Raby, May 2003 p.11

Independence of the Bar, Vaughn Myers, QC, Nov 2005 p.6

Independent Legal Profession, Alan Hunter, QC, Mar 2002 p.12

Independent Regulation Takes Vision, Mar 2011, p.3

Information About Hearings and Suspensions Will be Easier to Obtain, Jim Peacock, QC, Mar 2006 p.5

Information on Bequests to Calgary Health Trust, Nov 2004 p.5

Initiative in Our Profession Worthy of Being Our Legacy (PBLA), Rodney Jerke, QC, Apr 2007 p.8

Input Needed for Election Rules Changes, Jim Peacock, QC, Nov 2004 p.1

Input Needed for Harmonizing Trust Account Rules, July/Aug 2003 p.6

Input Needed on Promoting Early Resolution of Disputes by Settlement Memoranda, Margaret A. Shone, July/Aug 2003 p.5

Input Needed on QC Selection Process, Yvonne Stanford, July 2002 p.4

Input Needed on Recruitment Rules, Mona Duckett, QC, Jan 2004 p.7

Insurance Coverage for Pro Bono Legal Service, Susan Billington QC, Jul 2012 p.6

Insurance issues (foreign law exclusion, coverage for corporate registry filing, out-of-province secondment, computer virus damage claims), Sarah Brickett, Jan 2001 p.4

Insurance Levy for July 1, 2002 set at $2,574, James Peacock, QC, May 2002 p.7

Insurance Levy for July 1, 2003, Charlie Gardner, QC, May 2003 p.4

Insurance Levy Set at $2,436, W.P. Sharek, QC, June 2000 p.4

Insurance Levy Set at $2,770 plus GST, Vivian Stevenson, QC, May 2005 p.4

Insurance Reform Update, Ronald Everard, QC, Nov 2005 p.6

Insurance Update: Levy for July 2001 is $2,397, Anthony Friend, QC, and Sarah Brickett, June 2001 p.4

Integrated Competence Strategy a High Priority, James Glass, QC, Apr 2012 p.2

Integrated Risk Management Panel Strives for Early Detection, Mike Martin, May 2009 p.3

Interest Growing Strong in SoloNet Pilot Project, Jocelyn Frazer, Jan 2012 p.12

Interest Rate for Pecuniary Damages, Jan 2002 p.3

Interested in Becoming a CPLED Learning Group Facilitator?, Feb 2007 p.3

Interview with the University of Alberta’s Dean of Law: Recognizing that Access to Justice is a Global Issue, Derek Sankey, Apr 2010 p.8

Interview with the University of Calgary’s Dean of Law: How New Law School will Increase Access to Justice, Derek Sankey, Apr 2010 p.7

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Is Your Banking Helping ALF?, Steve Raby, QC, Mar 2005 p.4

Is Your Operating Trust Account Helping Albertans?, Mona Duckett, QC, May 2003 p.2

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Join the Upcoming 100th Anniversary Events, Jim Peacock, QC, Apr 2007 p.7

Joint Committee to Increase Access to Justice for Albertans, Peter Michalyshyn, QC, Sept 2009 p.4

Justicia Project Aimed at Retaining Women Lawyers in Private Practice, Frederica Schutz, QC, Jul 2012 p.8

Justice Arbour Speaks in Calgary, Patricia Sealy, July 2002 p.1

Justice Centre: Get on the List, Nov 2001 p.7

Justice Statutes Amendment Act (Bill 20) Passed, Geoff Ho, QC, Jan 2001 p.6

Justice Summit recommendations Driving New Initiatives, Paul C. Bourque, QC, Deputy Minister of Justice and Deputy Attorney General, Apr 2000 p.8

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Key Milestones for Pro Bono Law Alberta, Apr 2007 p.8

Key Milestones of the Pro Bono Network Initiative, Nov 2006 p.3

Know Your Client: Online Self-Study Module Now Available, Jan 2009 p.4

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Law Library for the Future, Perry Mack, QC, Nov 2004 p.4

Law Society Centennial Begins, Jim Peacock, QC, Feb 2007 p.1

Law Society Committed to Becoming a Model Regulator, Sheila Serup, Apr 2007 p.2

Law Society Congratulates Past Presidents on Judicial Appointments, Mar 2011, p.3

Law Society Honours Edmonton Recipients for 50 Years of Service, Jan 2012 p.10

Law Society Honours Lawyers with Long Service Awards, Dec 2010 p.5

Law Society Honours Lawyers with 30 Years of Service, Dec 2011 p.17

Law Society’s Involvement Spurs Legal Assistance to Slave Lake, Dec 2011 p.11

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Law Society of Alberta and CBA Alberta Honour 2009 Distinguished Service Award Recipients, Jan 2010 p.9

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Law Society Welcomes New Practice Review Lawyer, Aug 2011 p.3

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Law Student and Avid Volunteer Wins Freeman Bursary, Nov 2003 p.4

Law Students Awarded for Academic Excellence, Apr 2012 p.5

Lawsuit Lending Concerns Outlined, Rod Everard, QC, Feb 2007 p.4

Lawyer’s Guide to Maintenance Enforcement Available, Jan 2003 p.8

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Lawyers at Risk Roundtable: Programs Identified to Address Gaps in Services, Carsten Jensen, QC, Jun 2010 p.5

Lawyers at Risk: Task Force to Assist Lawyers, Carsten Jensen, QC, May 2009 p.5

Lawyers at Risk Task Force to Implement Best Practices, Dec 2010 p.3

Lawyers Continue to be Driving Force, H.J. Lyndon Irwin, QC, May 2004 p.5

Lawyers Essential to the Success of Legal Aid Alberta, Sarah Florio, Jan 2009 p.2

Lawyers Helping Lawyers, Craig Kinsman, Jan 2009 p.7

Lawyers Honoured for 30 or More years of Active Membership, Jan 2010 p.14

Lawyers Honoured for 30 or More years of Active Membership, Nov 2009 p.6

Lawyers Honoured for 30 or More Years of Service, Nov 2006 p.11

Lawyers Honoured for 30 or more Years of Service, Nov 2007 p.14

Lawyers Honoured for 30 Years of Service, Jessi-Ann Riddell, July/Aug 2004 p.2

Lawyers Honoured for 50 and 60 Years of Service, Jan 2006 p.2

Lawyers Honoured for 50 Years of Service, Jessi-Ann Riddell, Jan 2005 p.2

Lawyers Honoured for 50 Years of Service, Jessi-Ann Riddell, Nov 2004 p.2

Lawyers Honoured for 50 Years of Service, Nov 2005 p.2

Lawyers Incorporate Continuing Professional Development as a Best Practice, James Glass, QC, Jun 2010 p.6

Lawyers Must Watch What They Notarize, Rick Hilborn, QC, July/Aug 2003 p.6

Lawyers Needed for Environmental Law Matters, James Mallet, Nov 2002 p.6

Lawyers Recognized for 30 Years of Service, Nov 2005 p.3

Lawyers Urged to Try CanLII, Perry Mack, QC, May 2003 p.7

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Lawyers with Disabilities: Are They Treated Differently?, Jeanne Byron, Jan 2002 p.9

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Libraries Launch New Website, May 2006 p.5

Library Grant Doubles: Law Libraries Move Into 21st Century, F. Swanson, QC, Feb 2000 p.5

Limited Liability Partnerships Introduced In Alberta, Anthony Friend, QC, Feb 2000 p.15

Long Service 50-year Members Honoured, Jan 2004 p.3

Long Service Awards Celebrate Distinguished Careers, Perry Mack, QC, Nov 2008 p.2

Long Service Awards Honour Eight Alberta Lawyers, Jan 2010 p.5

Loyalty to Law Firms Mark Long Service, Jim Peacock, QC, Jan 2008 p.4

LSA and CBA Recognize the Very Best, May 2003 p.3

LSA Approval No Longer Needed to Take Breaks in Articling, Juliana Topolniski, Nov 2002 p.6

LSA Approves New Legal Aid Agreement, Larry G. Anderson, QC, May 2006 p.3

LSA Awards Honourary Membership, May 2003 p.1

LSA Bencher Priorities 2009, Mar 2009 p.3

LSA Bids Farewell to Equity Ombudsperson, Jan 2005 p.8

LSA Committed to Supporting Sole Practitioners, Small Firms, Don Thompson, QC, Nov 2008 p.3

LSA Further Explores CPD, Cheryl Gottselig, QC, Mar 2005 p.3

LSA Hires Practice Advisors, Jan 2005 p.8

LSA Launches Freeman Bursary, Ken Nielsen, QC, Jan 2002 p.3

LSA Launches New Website, Eileen Dooley, Nov 2004 p.3

LSA Launches Website Archives, Jan 2005 p.5

LSA Recommendations for Fairness Included in QC Selection Materials, June Ross, QC, July/Aug 2003 p.2

LSA Represented on Pro Bono Law Alberta Board, Sheila Serup, July/Aug 2008 p.8

LSA Rules Amendments, Mar 2006 p.4

LSA Successful in Privilege Issue Intervention, Janet Dixon, QC, Apr 2007 p.6

LSA to Study Advertising Rules, John Holmes, QC, July/Aug 2004 p.3

LSA Welcomes New Executive Director, Feb 2000 p.10

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Maintenance Enforcement: Change to Reciprocity Processes, Aug 2008 p.10

Managing Director/Deputy Director, CPLED Alberta (announcement), May 2008 p.3

Managing Pro Bono, Paul McLaughlin, Apr 2000 p.16

Managing Risk: Credentialing Process Ensures Good Character, Dec 2011 p.16

Mandate Includes Addressing Challenges of a Diverse Profession (EED), Nov 2006 p.6

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Mapping Project to Understand Legal Needs of Albertans, Glynnis Lieb, Sept 2009 p.10

Media and Law Seminar Piques Debate, Barry Zalmanowitz, QC, May 2003 p.7

Media Executive Urges Lawyers to Advocate for Legal System, Jessi-Ann Riddell, Nov 2004 p.5

Meet the New Executive Director: Marian De Souza takes the lead at the Alberta Lawyers’ Assistance Society, Dec 2011 p.7

Member Fees Set at $990, Doug McGillivray, QC, Jan 2003 p.1

Member Input Needed for Election Rule Changes, Jim Peacock, QC, Jan 2003 p.9

Members Admitted to prestigious College, Sheilah Martin, QC, May 2002 p.4

Members Honoured for 50 and 60 Years of Service, Mona Duckett, QC, Nov 2006 p.1

Members Honoured for 50 Years of Service, Nov 2003 p.2

Members Recognized for 30 Years of Service, Jessi-Ann Riddell, Nov 2002 p.12

Members Required to Fill Out Information Form, Jan 2003 p.4

Members to Pay Less Despite Fee Increases, Peter Michalyshyn, QC, Nov 2006 p.9

Mentor Program, Jan 2003 p.5

Mentors Needed for Peer Support Program, Mona Duckett, QC, July 2002 p.4

Message from the Court of Queen’s Bench (Trial Coordinators Office), Jan 2006 p.8

Minister Given Mandate to Explore Initiatives Around Safe Communities, Honourable Alison Redford, QC, Minister of Justice and Attorney General, July/Aug 2008 p.6

Minister Honours Volunteers with Dispute Resolution Project, Susan V.R. Billington, Nov 2003 p.5

Mobility Arrives in Alberta, Cheryl Gottselig, QC, July/Aug 2003 p.2

Model Code Sets National Standards of Conduct, Mona Duckett, QC, Jan 2010 p.7

Model Policies Create Equality of Opportunity in a Diverse Profession, Don Thompson, QC, July/Aug 2008 p.3

Model Regulator Supports Competence of Members, Don Thompson, QC, Feb 2007 p.5

More Light for the Lamp: Changes to the Jury Trial Process, Jack Watson, QC, Aug 2000 p.11

Mortgage Fraud Becoming a Serious Issue, Doug McKenzie, May 2009 p.4

Most Albertans Satisfied with their Lawyers: Ipsos Reid Poll Shows, Jun 2010 p.7

Moving Into the Future (LSA challenges ahead), Mar 2003 p.1

My Life As A Bencher, Aug 2011 p.8

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National Code of Conduct Being Explored, Charlie Gardner, QC, July/Aug 2003 p.6

National Conference Builds Momentum for PBLA, Feb 2007 p.6

National Pro Bono Law 2010 Conference Coming to Calgary, Kevin Feth, QC, Jan 2010 p.4

Need for Excess Insurance?, Mar 2011, p.14

Network Enables Lawyers to Contribute to Access to Justice, Mar 2009 p.7

Networking with Other Solo Practitioners, Nov 2008 p.7

Neutral Corner: A Critical Illness Checklist Key to Minimizing any Practice Disruption, Dec 2011 p.14

Neutral Corner: Alternative Work Schedules: Guidelines for Law Firms, Jocelyn Frazer Oct 2010 p.12

Neutral Corner: Atmosphere of Respect Can Improve Firm’s Bottom-line, Jocelyn Frazer, Jun 2010 p.12

Neutral Corner: Candid Conversations with Women in Law, Dec 2010 p.12

Neutral Corner: Checklists for Succession Planning, Mar 2011, p.12

Neutral Corner: Developing a Respectful Workplace Policy for your Firm, Aug 2011 p.10

Neutral Corner: Education Key to Resolving Problems, Jocelyn Frazer, Apr 2010 p.12

Neutral Corner: Getting Away From It All!, Jocelyn Frazer, Jan 2012 p.11

Neutral Corner: Preparing for Maternity or Parental Leave, Jocelyn Frazer, Apr 2012 p.13

New “Know Your Client” Rules Come Into Effect December 31, 2008, Nov 2008 p.4

New Bencher also serves as Deputy Mayor of Fort McMurray, Aug 2011 p.1

New Chair for Alberta Conveyancing Advisory Committee, Susan Billington, Jan 2003 p.8

New Code of Conduct Now Available for Review, Aug 2011 p.11

New Complaint and Inquiry Guideline Approved for Website, Perry Mack, QC, Nov 2006 p.11

New Deadline for Cheque Specifications, Apr 2007 p.9

New Law Dean Shares Vision for University of Calgary Program, Dec 2011 p.10

New Deputy Executive Director at the LSA, Eileen Dooley, July 2002 p.5

New Distance Learning Platform Streamlines Learning, Leona Dvorak, PhD, Jan 2010 p.8

New Executive Elected for 2011-2012, Mar 2011, p.2

New Forms S, T and U: Important Information for Law Office Managers and Accounting Staff, Brian Olesky, Nov 2000 p.4

New Guidelines for Bereavement Leave, Compassionate Leave and Family Responsibility Leave, Susan V.R. Billington, Jan 2004 p.4

New Initiatives for Alumni at U of A Law Faculty, Mar 2004 p.7

New Law Librarian Appointed, Douglas Mah, QC, Mar 2008 p.7

New Law Schools in Canada, Aug 2011 p.6

New Lawyer from Eritrean Community Admitted to Alberta Bar, Aug 2011 p.14

New Lay Bencher Appointed, Eileen Dooley, May 2002 p.1

New LESA Executive Director Announced, Jan 2008 p.4

New Practice Advisors, Mar 2005 p.7

New President-Elect and Executive Elected for 2012-2013, Jan 2012 p.2

New President Wants to Connect With Membership, Laura Stevens, Mar 2004 p.1

New Pro Bono Clinic Discussed, Perry Mack, QC, Nov 2003 p.8

New Pro Bono Membership Status, Douglas Mah, QC, Jan 2006 p.4

New Proposed Youth Criminal Justice Act: Key Elements, Bryan E. Mahoney, QC, Apr 2001 p.9

New Province-Wide Legal Service Launched, Nancy Brown Medwid, Jan 2005 p.3

New Rate for Pecuniary Damages, Jan 2003 p.8

New Requirements for “Negotiated Cheques” Under Rule 122(2)(i), May 2008 p.11

New Revised Statutes of Alberta on the Way, Peter Pagano, QC, Jan 2002 p.6

New Rules Change the Way Lawyers May Advertise, Doug McGillivray, QC, Jan 2006 p.1

New Rules for Contingency Fees, Alan D. Macleod, QC, Feb 2000 p.8

New Rules of Court Come into Effect November 2010, Jim Eamon, QC Oct 2010 p.8

New Safety of Trust Property Strategy: Pilot Program to be Phased In, Steve Raby, QC, Jun 2010 p.3

New Staff (ALIA, L. Sabo), July/Aug 2003 p.5

New Staff, Mar 2003 p.2

New Technology in Courtrooms Moving Fast, Vivian Stevenson, July/Aug 2003 p.3

New Trust Accounting Controls and Audit Regime to be Phased In, Steve Raby, QC, Jan 2010 p.12

New Trust Strategy Builds on Public Confidence, Steve Raby, QC, Apr 2010 p. 4

New Website Enables Lawyers to Fulfill CPD Plan Requirement, Peter Michalyshyn, QC, Mar 2008 p.2

News (LLP, government service fees, Fatal Accidents Act), Apr 2000 p.15

News briefs (land use/development fees, addressing Federal Court judges), Nov 2000 p.2

News Briefs (minimum wage, inter-jurisdictional practice in Saskatchewan, new LSA staff), Aug 2000 p.3

No Cash Rule in Effect, Brad Nemetz, QC, May 2005 p.6

No Cash Rule to Become a Reality in Alberta, Ken Nielsen, QC, Jan 2005 p.6

No Need to Increase Insurance Levy, Perry Mack, QC, May 2004 p.1

Non-Lawyer Public Representative Appointed, Sept 2009 p.5

“No-Cash” and “Know-your-Client” Rules are Key in Fighting Money Laundering, Dec 2011 p.2

Non-Traditional Learning Plans Can Meet CPD Requirements, John Higgerty, QC, Jan 2010 p.10

Notices on Alberta Courts’ Website, July/Aug 2006 p.7

Number of Lawyers Serving Albertans Dropping, Don Thompson, QC, Nov 2007 p.3

Number One Cause of Claims: Missed Limitations, W.P. Sharek, QC, June 2000 p.5

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On Talking to Complainants in Domestic Assaults, Hugh D. Sommerville, Apr 2000 p.12

Opening of Child Support Recalculation Program, Jan 2010 p.10

Order of Military Merit Bestowed on Member, Nov 2006 p.10

Our Strongest Resource is to Do What is Right (EED), Nov 2006 p.7

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Part-Time Insurance Levy, Douglas McGillivray, QC, Nov 2001 p.8

Participation in Aboriginal Law Student Program Nets Summer Jobs, Jocelyn Frazer Oct 2010 p.10 

Parties Outline Positions in Legal Aid Agreement Renewal, Peter Michalyshyn, QC and Michael Penny, QC Oct 2010 p.3 

Paul McLaughlin Fills Role of Acting Practice Advisor, May 2003 p.2

Peer Support Expands to the Profession, Brian Peterson, QC, Mar 2004 p.4

People (new law dean, appointments), June 2001 p.2

People (new LSA staff), Jan 2001 p.2

People (new LSA staff), Nov 2000 p.3

People (new LSA staff), Nov 2001 p.9

People (new president-elect and lay bencher, awards) Apr 2000 p.3

People: Distinguished Service Awards, Apr 2001 p.2

People: New Communications Director, Mar 2002 p.9

Peter Freeman Bursary Recipients, Sept 2007 p.11

Peter Freeman QC Bursary for Indigenous Students-in-Law (winners), Sept 2009 p.6

Peter Freeman, QC, Bursary for Indigenous Students in Law, Aug 2011 p.14

Peter Kent Speaks at LSA Seminar, Jessi-Ann Riddell, May 2004 p.2

Phase Two of Consultations Begin for Rules Project, June Ross, QC, and Cynthia Martens, Nov 2002 p.5

Pilot Project Begins for Court-Annexed Mediation, Peter Michalyshyn, QC, July/Aug 2004 p.7

Pilot Project on Limiting Oral Arguments Now Extended, May 2006 p.2

Pilot Project to Test Cheque Imaging Services, Sheila Serup, Sept 2007 p.12

Plans Under Way for 100th Anniversary Celebrations, Phyllis Smith, QC and Pat Peacock, QC, Jan 2006 p.6

Play Your Part in Achieving Personal and Career Satisfaction, Marian V. De Souza, Apr 2012 p.6

Portrait of the Profession in 2012, Jan 2012 p.3

Positive Feedback on Trust Safety Program Received, Dec 2011 p.6

Poverty Law Clinic Initiative Under Way in Edmonton, Rhonda Ruston, QC, and Susan V.R. Billington, Aug 2000 p.10

Power of Pro Bono: Stepping Up, Kevin Feth, QC, Jun 2010 p.4

Practice Review Committee Assists Members, Ensures High Standards and Protection of Public Interest, Dec 2011 p.11

Practice Review Helps Lawyer Recover, July/Aug 2003 p.4

Practice Tip: Be Careful with Metadata, Paul McLaughlin, Mar 2003 p.8

Practice Tip: Leaving a Firm, Paul McLaughlin, July/Aug 2004 p.8

Practice Tip: Listen to the Music!, Paul McLaughlin, Jan 2004 p.8

Practice Tip: Low-Tech Laptop Security Tips, Paul McLaughlin, Nov 2004 p.8

Practice Tip: Power of Attorney, Paul McLaughlin, Mar 2004 p.8

Practice Tip: Reducing Stress, Paul McLaughlin, Nov 2003 p.8

Practice Tip: Section 116, Income Tax Act, Withholding Tax, Paul McLaughlin, May 2004 p.8

Practice Tip: Solicitor/Client Privilege, Paul McLaughlin, Nov 2003 p.8

Practice Tip: Watch Outstanding Cheques, Paul McLaughlin, May 2003 p.12

Practice Tips: Protect Yourself, May 2009 p.9

Practice Tips: Trust Money, May 2009 p.11

President and President-Elect Elected for Law Society of Alberta, Apr 2007 p.2

President-Elect, Executive Elected for 2010, Jan 2010 p.2

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President’s Message (money laundering, anti-terrorism legislation, Executive Committee structure), Eric Macklin, QC, Jan 2002 p.1

President’s Message (multidisciplinary practices, inter-jurisdictional protocol, legal aid), Alan D. Macleod, QC, Feb 2000 p.1

President’s Message (National Mobility Agreement, single trial court, Code of Conduct), Ken Nielsen, QC, Jan 2003 p.2

President’s Message (unified family court, Calgary courthouse, home closing services, six-in-12 rule), Eric Macklin, QC, Aug 2001 p.1

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Preventing Employee Theft, Paul McLaughlin, Apr 2001 p.12

Privacy Legislation Explained, Jason Eamer-Goult and Paul McLaughlin, Mar 2004 p.5

Privacy Legislation Soon to Affect Lawyers, Martin Kratz, Jan 2003 p.6

Private Shame of Sexual Harassment, Jeanne Byron, Apr 2000 p.10

Privilege and the role of the Law Society as an intervenor, Aug 2011 p.4

Pro Bono Clinic Planned for Red Deer, July/Aug 2005 p.4

Pro Bono Consultations Under Way, Rodney Jerke, QC, May 2006 p.7

Pro Bono Consultations: What We Heard, July/Aug 2006 p.7

Pro Bono Defence Counsel Needed for Conduct Matters, Douglas Mah, QC, Sept 2009 p.4

Pro Bono Initiatives Move Forward, Douglas Mah, QC, Nov 2005 p.4

Pro Bono Law Alberta – Board of Directors/Advisory Board Members, Sept 2007 p.10

Pro Bono Law Alberta Launch to the Profession, Sept 2007 p.10

Pro Bono Law Alberta News Online, July/Aug 2008 p.11

Pro Bono Law Alberta: A New Network, Rodney Jerke, QC, Nov 2006 p.3

Pro Bono Law Alberta: Engaging Lawyers and Involving Stakeholders through Innovative Projects, Dale Spackman, QC, Jan 2012 p.9

Pro Bono Law Partnership Will Contribute Towards Ending Homelessness, Kevin Feth, Sept 2009 p.9

Pro Bono Legal Clinic a Big Hit in Red Deer, Sheila Serup, May 2006 p.1

Pro Bono Service Recognized, July/Aug 2006 p.7

Pro Bono Services Continue to be Needed, Douglas Mah, QC, July/Aug 2004 p.3

Pro Bono Students Canada Helps Lawyers with Pro Bono Files, Chastine Prevatt, Aug 2001 p.7

Pro Bono Work Thrives in Pilot Project, Susan V.R. Billington, May 2002 p.9

Procedure to Ease Land Titles Registration Wait Time, Feb 2007 p.7

Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering Act: Watch for It, Aug 2001 p.7

Proclamation of Adult Guardianship and Trusteeship Act, Sept 2009 p.7

Professional Responsibility Committee Addresses Difficult Practice Questions, Nov 2003 p.3

Profile of Sole Practitioners and Small Firms from Survey, Mar 2011, p.7

Profile of Two Lawyers: Support Needed to Encourage Young Lawyers to Practice In Small Communities, Derek Sankey, Jan 2012 p.4

Profitability and Lawyer Retention, Nancy Carruthers, July/Aug 2008 p.4

Promoting and Ensuring High Ethical Standards and Standards of Competence, Rodney Jerke, QC, Sept 2009 p.14

Protocol Claims the Alberta Experience, Nov 2006 p.8

Protocol Marks Milestone with Major Banks, Steve Raby, QC, Nov 2007 p.15

Protocol Webcast a Hit!, Susan V.R. Billington, Jan 2005 p.3

Protocol Wording in AREA Real Estate Purchase Contract, Jan 2003 p.8

Protocol: Five Years and Counting, Steve Raby, QC, Mar 2006 p.2

Provincial Court Intake and Caseflow Management Project, May 2006 p.4

Provisions in the Justice and Court Statutes Amendment Act comes into effect July 1, 2012, Jul 2012 p.9

Public Representative Appointed to Accreditation Committee Oct 2010 p.10 

Publishers to Appeal Copyright Decision, Feb 2000 p.6

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Quebec Mobility Agreement: Another Major Step Towards National Mobility, Jun 2010 p.5

Queen’s Counsel Appointments Recognize Outstanding Lawyers, Aug 2011 p.3

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Recruitment Period Begins June 5, 2000, Don Thompson, June 2000 p.3

Recruitment Rules Add Clarity Around Recruitment, Mar 2009 p.5

Red Flags Which May Indicate Fraud, Dec 2011 p.5

Registries Liaison Committee Re-established for Stakeholders, Steve Raby, QC, Jan 2012 p.1

Regular Review of Your CPD Plan Meets Ethical Obligations, Aug 2011 p.11

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