Hearings & Outcomes

The Law Society of Alberta serves the public interest by promoting and ensuring high standards of ethics and competence on the part of all those seeking admission to and practicing law in Alberta.

To do so, the Law Society of Alberta sets and enforces standards of conduct through a clear and comprehensive Code of Conduct, and a timely, fair and transparent discipline process.

As the regulatory body of Alberta lawyers, the Law Society of Alberta is authorized under the Legal Profession Act to conduct hearings once citations are laid, and to communicate information about the outcomes of hearings.  Citations are unproven allegations, which have not yet been the subject of a hearing to determine validity.

The Upcoming Hearings lists hearings that are scheduled to be heard. It includes the specific citations laid against each lawyer.

The Past Hearings lists the hearings (including the corresponding citations) that have been held but only those for which a Hearing Report has not yet been issued.

The Law Society of Alberta posts Notices to the Profession and Hearing Reports regarding suspensions, administrative suspensions, disbarments, and other disciplinary action.

If members of the public or the legal profession seek lawyer or custodian information, please use Lawyer Directory first. If you seek more specific information, please submit a report request.

Hearing Locations

The Law Society of Alberta
500, 919 11 Avenue SW
Calgary, Alberta  T2R 1P3
Telephone: 403.229.4700

The Law Society of Alberta
Suite 800
Bell Tower, 10104 103 Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta  T5J 0H8
Telephone: 780.429.3343