A custodian is an Alberta lawyer who is appointed by the court to protect the interests of the client while finalizing a lawyer’s practice. A formal custodian may be appointed to a lawyer’s practice following:

  • disciplinary penalty (suspension or disbarment)
  • an interim suspension
  • suspension in conjunction with a Law Society investigation
  • the death or disability of a lawyer (in some cases)

The Law Society of Alberta supervises the appointment, administration and discharge of a formal custodianship.

The Law Society also oversees informal custodial arrangements when requested by a lawyer. In those cases the court does not appoint the custodian.

Request for Custodian Information

If you know the name of the custodian, please use the Lawyer Directory to retrieve that lawyer's business contact information. If you do not know the name of the custodian or did not get the information you wanted from Lawyer Directory, please submit this form:

Your Name and Contact Information


Custodian's Name (if known)


Lawyer's Name (for whom a Custodian has been appointed)


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