Notices of Resignation

s.32 Resignations in the face of discipline proceedings

See also s.32 Resignations.

The Law Society of Alberta serves the public interest by promoting and ensuring high standards of ethics and competence on the part of all those seeking admission to and practicing law in Alberta.

To do so, the Law Society of Alberta sets and enforces standards of conduct through a clear and comprehensive Code of Conduct, and a timely, fair and transparent discipline process.

As the regulator, the Law Society of Alberta is authorized under the Legal Profession Act to post notices regarding disciplinary actions, including suspensions, disbarment, resignations and reinstatements.

Please note that wherever applicable, custodian information related to a member is included within the notice.

Dec 17, 2016 K. June Koska
May 13, 2016 Roderick MacGregor
Mar 02, 2016 Ezra Levant

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