CPD-Logo_2015_150pxCPD Requirements

This page is under revision to reflect the program changes approved at the September 2016 Bencher meeting.  


The Law Society of Alberta Code of Conduct, Chapter 2, imposes an ethical responsibility on lawyers to be competent in all legal services undertaken on a client's behalf.

Under the Rules of the Law Society of Alberta, each active lawyer is accountable for developing, implementing and declaring their Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Plan. Rule 67.2 requires that each lawyer record and keep their annual CPD Plans for five years and provide their plans to the Law Society upon request.

The Law Society is focusing on developing a more robust regulatory framework to ensure that lawyers are held accountable for developing and implementing high quality CPD Plans.

Rules of the Law Society of Alberta

Continuing Professional Development new Rules were added:

67.1 (1) “Continuing professional development” is any learning activity that is:

(a) relevant to the professional needs of a lawyer;

(b) pertinent to long-term career interests as a lawyer;

(c) in the interests of the employer of a lawyer or

(d) related to the professional ethics and responsibilities of lawyers.

(2) Continuing professional development must contain significant substantive, technical, practical or intellectual content.

(3) It is each lawyer’s responsibility to determine whether a learning activity meets these criteria and therefore qualifies as continuing professional development.

67.2 Every active member shall:

(a) prepare and make a record of a plan for his or her continuing professional development during the twelve month period commencing March 16 of each year;
(b) make a declaration, no later than March 15 of each year, confirming compliance with (a) above in a form acceptable to the Executive Director;
(c) maintain a record of the plan for five years from the date of declaration; and
(d) produce a copy of the record of the plan to the Executive Director on request..