CPD-Logo_2015_150pxCreate and Declare a CPD Plan

This page is under revision to reflect the program changes approved at the September 2016 Bencher meeting.  

For information on how to use the Lawyer Portal to make and declare your CPD plan watch our video tutorials.

Step 1: Evaluate Last Year's Plan

Evaluate last year's goals, activities and accomplishments. Use this as a basis to identify this year's CPD goals, as well as the actions, timelines and resources you will need to accomplish them.

Reflect on:

  1. What activities did I undertake pursuant to last year's CPD plan?
  2. How did these activities improve my competence as a lawyer?
  3. How much time did I spend on CPD activities last year?
  4. What should I carry forward to this year's CPD plan?


  1. What activities will be of benefit to my practice?
  2. What activities do I plan to undertake this year?
  3. How will these activities benefit my practice?
  4. What measurable goals do I want to set for myself for the current year?

Step 2: Create your CPD Plan

Beginning in 2016, it is a requirement to create and declare your CPD plan through our lawyer portal (login help). Using the new online CPD plan template ensures you address the program competencies. 

A CPD Plan Declaration is no longer available in paper form.

Step 3: Declare your Plan

This is a two-step process:

  1. Save your CPD plan information BEFORE you hit the "Declare" button.
  2. Read and confirm that you understand the information to officially declare your plan.

Step 4: Keep a Copy of Your Plan

Print a copy of your plan and file it. Rule 67.2 requires that each lawyer record and keep their annual CPD Plans for five years and provide their plans to the Law Society upon request.

Step 5: Reflect on Your Plan

You can return to your plan throughout the year to reflect on your progress. Once your plan is declared, the plan components will not be available for editing. The reflection components will be available for editing all year, allowing you to reflect on your activities and their impact on your practice, as well as update your plans for the current year.