Disaster Recovery


Recent natural disasters in Alberta underscores the need for, and importance of, maintaining a plan for practice interruption or recovery. Disaster can strike a practice in many different ways - personal disaster in the form of sudden illness, death, incapacity or impairment, or catastrophic loss due to theft, flood, wildfire, and tornado.

Disasters can be natural, man-made or technology related. Foresight and planning by all lawyers in active practice, regardless of their practice setting or their career stage can minimize the impact of these events. 

Basic planning should include making proper backups and ensuring storage of records outside of the office in a secure location, retention of emergency contact lists, and maintaining adequate and proper insurance coverage.

Even without the urgency of natural disasters, it is prudent for all practitioners to take some basic steps to protect the interests of your clients, as well as your livelihoods, in the event of disaster.

The Law Society of Alberta offers the following advice and resources to assist lawyers in dealing with disaster recovery efforts. As always, please feel free to contact the Practice Advisors if you have any further questions. Practice Review legal counsel are also available for practice management and operational issues. They can be reached at 587.393.2167.


Recovery Action Plan

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