Equity Ombudsperson

Equity Ombudsperson

The Equity Ombudsperson provides confidential assistance with the development of workplace policies and the resolution of harassment and discrimination concerns.

The Law Society of Alberta established the Office of the Equity Ombudsperson to provide confidential advice, information and assistance to lawyers, articling students and support staff working in the legal profession on issues of discrimination or harassment by lawyers.

The goal of the Equity Ombudsperson is to educate people working in law firms about discrimination and harassment in the workplace and to assist in resolving related problems. Talking to the Equity Ombudsperson does not eliminate other options such as filing a formal complaint with the Law Society or the Human Rights Commission or undertaking a civil action.

The Equity Ombudsperson serves law firms and individuals working in the legal profession by:

  • establishing workplace policies regarding harassment, parental leave, and alternative work schedules,
  • providing educational seminars about discrimination and harassment,
  • talking confidentially about particular problems,
  • discussing complaints and addressing issues,
  • developing an understanding of the firm’s obligations, potential liability and options, and 
  • finding information on other resources, such as counselling.

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