Lawyer Connect Programs

Sometimes a lawyer's best resource is another lawyer. Someone who has walked the same path and has faced the same challenges you are facing. Whether you are looking for someone to look after your practice while on sabbatical or seeking a more experienced lawyer to provide guidance, the Law Society offers Locum Connect and Mentor Connect

Locum Connect

Hiring a locum can be the answer to stepping away from your practice for a much needed break or handling short-term increases in workload. The service offers a flexible solution that lets you address your clients’ needs without long-term impact on your bottom line.

As a locum lawyer, you get to experience different practice settings and legal communities. It can help you decide whether to set up your own office or join an existing practice. It lets you earn income whether you're looking for full-time or part-time work.

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Mentor Connect

Mentor Connect matches senior practitioners with less experienced lawyers.

As a mentor, you can contribute to the profession by sharing your experience and insight with less experienced lawyers.

As a mentee, Mentor Connect gives you access to support and advice about the things that matter most to your practice.  

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