Mentor Connect

Program Overview

The purpose of Mentor Connect is to improve the professionalism and success of Alberta lawyers. It engages experienced counsel to guide those with less experience to realize their career goals and achieve greater personal and professional balance in their lives.

A successful mentoring relationship will help lawyers to:

  • Develop practical skills.
  • Discuss career management issues.
  • Contribute to their sense of integrity. 
  • Increase their knowledge of legal customs.
  • Use of best practices and highest ideals in the practice of law.

Mentees drive the conversations. They identify the professional skills, knowledge, attributes or the capabilities they need to improve their success and effectiveness as a lawyer. 

Mentors ask questions. They listen. They may review material to better appreciate the mentee’s strengths and weaknesses. They use their own experiences to identify and help the mentee overcome challenges and guide decision-making.

This handbook describes how Mentor Connect works and offers advice.

Please note the Law Society offers two different mentor programs. 

Mentor Connect: Through the Mentor Connect program described on this page, junior lawyers gain access to experienced counsel for coaching and advice about their career in law. As they get to know and trust each other, mentees receive guidance in dealing with the challenges of building a successful practice while maintaining personal and professional balance in their lives. Mentors and mentees are matched based on geographical proximity, personal interests and the nature of the mentee’s practice.

Practice Advisor Mentor Program: Callers to this service are provided with the contact information for two lawyers who have agreed to serve as a resource to less experienced members of the Bar. These subject-matter experts are available to answer one-off inquiries in a wide range of practice areas. Read more about how to participate in this program. 

How Mentor Connect Works

For questions, comments or concerns, please email Mentor Connect or call us at 1.800.661.9003.


How It Works 

The idea behind Mentor Connect is simple but powerful. 

At the outset, the program matches individual lawyers and mentors based on areas of law, geographical proximity and similar interests. 

In all cases, the mentee’s identity and the existence of the mentoring relationship are held in confidence and are not disclosed without the mentee’s clear consent.

The initial match will last three months, giving participants the opportunity to decide if the relationship is working. If it is, it can be extended. If there is a problem or the chemistry is wrong, a new pairing may be the answer.

Through all of this, Law Society staff will play a supporting role by:

  • Maintaining a list of mentors who want to participate in the program.
  • Matching mentors and mentees.
  • Receiving confidential feedback from participants.
  • Responding to any concerns or requests for accommodation that may arise during the program. All participants are encouraged to indicate any special needs or requirements on their registration form.
  • Administering evaluation forms to mentors and mentees.
  • Coordinating training of mentors.