Insurance Claims

Reporting a Claim or Potential Claim

To report a claim, please use the reporting guidelines for claimants and lawyers. Lawyers may also email claim reports to ALIA; or fax reports to 403.244.3072.

To speak about a claim (or potential claim that has not yet been reported), please contact: Blair McGregor, Claims Supervisor at 403.541.4820 or 1.800.661.1694.

For the Public

If you are a member of the public and wish to make a claim, please see Financial Claims Against Lawyers.

For Lawyers

Lawyers are required to report a claim to the Alberta Lawyers Insurance Association (ALIA) as soon as possible after learning of a claim or becoming aware of circumstances that might give rise to a claim. The policy is a 'claims made' policy. This means that lawyers must report all claims or potential claims during the policy period.

If you are a lawyer with a claim or potential claim, please submit a New Claim Report.

Once a claim is reported, an ALIA examiner will be assigned to manage it. Should a claim proceed to litigation, ALIA retains defense counsel to defend the insured lawyer.

Lawyers requiring assistance with coverage issues or wishing to obtain a copy of the Alberta Insurance Policy should contact  ALIA at 403.229.4716 or 1.800.661.1694 or email ALIA.

All questions about eligibility for insurance exemption should be directed to the Alberta Lawyers Insurance Association.

Please submit claims information or direct claim queries to:

Alberta Lawyers Insurance Association
403.229.4716 or 1.800.661.1694
Email ALIA