Certificate of Standing

  • Confirms your membership and membership standing in the Law Society of Alberta
  • States any discipline or competency proceedings pending against you, and the nature of the conduct that is the subject of the proceeding
  • States any disciplinary proceedings taken against you
  • Provides information on any misappropriation of funds or wrongful conversion of property, and whether any claims are pending before the Law Society
  • States whether your right to practise law is subject to restrictions or conditions, and whether or not these are voluntary or imposed by the Law Society

A lawyer who is a member or designate may request a Certificate of Standing in writing from the Law Society.

The cost for a Certificate of Standing is in the Fee Schedule. A courier account number must be provided if you would like the certificate couriered.

Once the request and payment are received, a certificate will be issued. Please contact Membership Services to request a Certificate on an urgent basis. Most requests will be processed within two weeks.

Additional Information

How to Request a Certificate

To obtain a certificate, contact Membership Services at 403-229-4781 or email Membership Services.

Method of Payment

Fees are payable to the Law Society of Alberta (making a payment)