Forms for Lawyers

Most of the Law Society of Alberta's forms are directly accessible below. The remainder are available by request by contacting the Law Society at 403.229.4700. All forms require To view PDF documents you must use the Adobe Acrobat Reader software (version 6 or higher). If you don't already have Acrobat Reader you can download it for free from Adobe at Acrobat Reader (version 6 or higher):


*Please note on June 1, 2015 the Law Society made a number of changes to the articling student application forms. View this brief webinar for more information.

Application for Admission (Form 2-1)

Certificate of Character and Reputation

Education Plan (Form 2-5/2-6)

Evaluation Certificate (for students submitting the education plan - Form 2-7)

Articles of Clerkship (Form 2-8/2-9)

Assignment of Articles of Clerkship (Form 2-10)

Certificate of Student-at-Law (Form 2-11)

Certificate of Principal (Form 2-12/2-13)

Notification of Call Ceremony and Membership Information 

Application by Alberta Student-at-Law for Enrolment as a Member (Form 2-14)


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Membership & Qualifications

Request to Change Contact Particulars

Transfer of Canadian Lawyers: Application to Become a Member in Alberta (Form 2-15)

Request for Permission to Practise Pending Completion of Transfer Application

Election to Become an Inactive Member (Form 2-20)

Application Active Member, Pro Bono Legal Services

Application to Resign (ask for Form 2-21)

Application by Visiting Lawyer for a Permit (Form 2-22)

Application for a Licence as a Foreign Legal Consultant (ask for Form 2-23)

Application for Enrolment as a Member Under s.42 of the Act (ask for Form 2-24)

Application for Enrolment as a Member Under s.45 of the Act (ask for Form 2-16)

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Application for Reinstatement (Form 4-1.1)

Application by a Former Judge for Reinstatement (ask for Form 4-2)

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Financial Records, Accounts & Trusts - Part 5: Duties of Law Firms

(See Part 5 of the Rules)

Law Firm Self-Report +Representative Capacity Annual Undertaking + Guidelines to complete the form Instructions to submit the form

Start-Up Report

Accountant's Report + FAQ's About the Accountant's Report

Application for Exemption

Application to Designate a Responsible Lawyer and/or Operate a Trust Account

Responsible Lawyer and Trust Account Approval Protocol

Undisbursable Trust Money - For Client Matters Less Than $50 Value

Undisbursable Trust Money - For Client Matters Greater Than $50 Value

Claim to Trust Money

Bank Drafts and Money Orders

Electronic Banking Withdrawal

Trust Account and Client Ledger Shortages 

Trust Safety Accounting Upload User Guide – PC Law and SFTP Software

Trust Safety Accounting Upload user Guide - EsiLaw and SFTP Software

Trust Safety Accounting Upload User Guide - EsiLaw 360 and SFTP Software

Trust Safety Accounting Upload User Guide - Clio and SFTP Software

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Professional Liability Insurance

Application for Professional Liability Insurance (Form 7-1)

Application for Exemption from Professional Liability Insurance (Form 7-2)

Insurance Claim Report

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Professional Corporations

Approval of Articles of Incorporation

Application for a Permit (Form 8-1)

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Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs)

Application by an Alberta LLP for an LLP Permit (Form 8.1-1)

Application by an Extra-Provincial LLP for an LLP Permit (Form 8.1-2)