Services for Lawyers

The Law Society of Alberta’s Membership Services handles all aspects of applications for new and existing memberships, professional corporations and limited liability partnerships. It also handles all changes in membership and annual renewals.

Services for Students

The Law Society of Alberta’s admission program requires completion of an articling term (usually a 12-month period) and successful completion of the CPLED course (Canadian Centre for Professional Legal Education). Membership Services handles all aspects of becoming a student-at-Law, student registrations, articling for students-at-Law, CPLED and enrolling for Membership.

Insurance Services

Similar to malpractice insurance, the program provides professional liability insurance to Alberta lawyers. Professional liability insurance ensures lawyers are protected if they are liable for negligence, and ensures that clients receive entitled compensation. Every Alberta lawyer in private practice must purchase insurance coverage. Purchase of excess coverage is voluntary.

Types of Services for Lawyers & Students:

Services for Students

Membership & Insurance Status Changes

Membership Status Changes

Insurance Status Changes

Member & Insurance Certificates

Contact Information Changes

Trust Safety Filing Requirements

Mobility within Canada

Membership & Insurance Renewals

ALIA (Alberta Lawyers Insurance Association) and Insurance Claims

Professional Corporations

Limited Liability Partnerships

Lawyer Referral Program