2016/2017 Professional Liability Insurance Levy

The Alberta Lawyers Insurance Exchange (ALIEX) Advisory Board has approved the Alberta Lawyers Insurance Association (ALIA) Insurance levy for insured lawyers as  $4,173.75 (GST inclusive).

The levy is comprised of Errors and Omissions Coverage (Part A) and Trust Safety Coverage (Part B) for the 2016/2017 policy year.


Frequently Asked Questions 

How has the amount of the insurance levy changed in comparison to last year?

The 2016/17 insurance levy is $4,173.75, which is a decrease of $393.75 over the 2015/2016 insurance levy of $4,567.50. 

What is Part A or Errors and Omissions Coverage?

Part A of your insurance policy covers the standard errors and omissions coverage.

What is Part B or Trust Safety Insurance?

Trust Safety Insurance, otherwise known as Part B, is  compulsory coverage that replaced the Assurance Fund. The former Assurance Fund program costs (Trust Safety department, Custodianship and investigation of trust defalcation) are now part of the Law Society budget. The cost of claims is now covered by Trust Safety insurance (or Part B).

When is the levy due?

The levy must be paid by June 30, 2016. Lawyers have the option to make payment in full, or pay in two separate instalments (first instalment due June 30, 2016, second due January 3, 2017). If you are paying in two separate instalments, you will be subject to a $50 service charge.

What led to the decrease of the 2016/2017 levy?

Although the cost of the risk we insure has stayed pretty much the same, we are reducing the cost of the levy by drawing down on our surplus. We are required to maintain a surplus to pay unexpected claims in any given year. However, our surplus is currently higher than the actuarial recommendation, so we can use part of the surplus to reduce the levy. Read more

Do I get an invoice? How?

Yes. Invoices will be available online through the Law Society of Alberta’s Lawyer Portal beginning mid-May. We will notify you via eBulletin once available for viewing.

Will I face suspension if I don’t pay on time?

Yes, if we don’t receive your payment (or first payment) prior to June 30, 2016. This is pursuant to Rule 165 (3), which states lawyers who do not comply with the prescribed deadline will have their membership status suspended for non-payment of the professional liability insurance levy.

What happens to my levy if I’ve had a paid claim in the past five years?

If you have had a paid claim in the past five years, you will be subject to a surcharge in addition to the levy.

Is a deductible still in place?

Yes, a $5,000 deductible will be applied on all professional liability claims submitted to the Alberta Lawyers Insurance Exchange.

Can I get a pro-rated refund later on in the year?

No. ALIEX does not offer pro-rated refunds. Therefore, if you are concerned you may make changes to your practising status or insurance needs, please consider paying the levy in two installments.

ALIA made the decision to no longer issue refunds because they remain on risk for the liabilities for lawyers when they were active and insured.

Are there any exemptions from the Levy?

Yes, exempt active lawyers are insured at no charge for Pro Bono services provided through:

  • Volunteer Lawyers Services program
  • Calgary Legal Guidance
  • The Edmonton Community Legal Centre
  • The Central Alberta Community Legal Clinic
  • Lethbridge Legal Guidance
  • The Children’s Legal and Education Resource Centre
  • Grand Prairie Legal Guidance

Can I purchase excess coverage? How?

The Law Society recommends that firms consider purchasing excess coverage for additional protection.  ALIA will continue to work with CLIA and administer the Voluntary Excess Program for Alberta lawyers and firms.

Applications are available on the CLIA website at, or by contacting ALIA.

As the value of client matters and transactions increase over time, so does the need to secure adequate levels of errors and omissions insurance.

Did the switch to ALIEX impact the insurance levy?

The introduction of the Alberta Lawyers Insurance Exchange has had no impact on the errors and omissions levy lawyers would regularly pay.