Membership Renewal Information

Lawyers are required to renew their Law Society of Alberta membership on an annual basis. Membership fee invoices are available through the Lawyer Portal.

Active members

Active members must pay the annual active membership fee in the amount of $2,730.00 (includes GST).

In addition, active members must complete the Member Information Update Form (MIUF), available through the Lawyer Portal, pursuant to Rule 164.1.

Inactive members

Inactive members must pay the inactive membership fee in the amount of $210 (includes GST), and are not required to complete the Member Information Update Form.

Membership Information Update Form 

  • All active members must complete the MIUF through the Lawyer Portal.
  • The MIUF is due the same day as your membership renewal fee, which is in March of each year. The 2016 MIUF was due March 15.
  • Please click here for the descriptions of the Areas of Law, to aid in completing your MIUF.


Additional Information

Method of Payment


If payment of the annual membership fee is not received by the due date, your membership will be administratively suspended. Lawyers who failed to remit payment of this year’s membership fee were suspended as of March 15, 2016, pursuant to Rule 165.

Change of Status

If you wish to change your membership status, please review our website for information on the fees associated with a status change, and the applicable forms.