Applying to Provide Pro Bono Legal Services

Lawyers who wish to provide legal services exclusively through an approved pro bono provider may apply for Active Member, Pro Bono Legal Services status.

Active members of the Law Society of Alberta who are entitled to practise law may apply by submitting:

Please send the information by mail or email to Membership Services.

If you are an active member, do not include the inactive membership fee with your application. You may be eligible to receive a pro-rated refund of your active membership fee and insurance levy.

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Additional Information

Approved Pro Bono Providers

The current approved pro bono providers are the following organizations:

  • Calgary Legal Guidance
  • Edmonton Community Legal Centre
  • Central Alberta Community Legal Clinic
  • Lethbridge Legal Guidance
  • Children’s Legal and Educational Resource Centre
  • Grande Prairie Legal Guidance

To view the most current list of approved Pro Bono Providers, see Rule 148 of the Rules of the Law Society of Alberta.

Membership Fee

You will be required to pay an annual membership fee equivalent to the inactive member fee.


Pro bono services provided by active members of the Law Society through an approved pro bono provider are automatically covered under the group professional liability insurance policy for their volunteer work (see Exemption from Insurance).


Lawyers who are required to make applications for reinstatement prior to becoming active members for pro bono legal services are exempt from paying the reinstatement application fee.


Active members providing pro bono legal services may not engage in the practise of law outside the scope of the pro bono provider.

Registration of a Professional Corporation or a Limited Liability Partnership is not available to lawyers in this category of membership.

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