Applying to Become a Retired Member

If you have been an active member of the Law Society of Alberta, or a Judge or a Master in Chambers for at least 25 years, you may apply to become a retired member.

To apply for retired membership status, you must complete and submit the following documents:

All forms are to be provided by mail or email to Membership Services.

Additional Information

Membership Refund

If you are an active member when applying for retired membership status, you may be entitled to receive a pro-rated refund of your active membership fee. Contact Membership Services for more information.

Retired Membership Status

As a retired member, you will not receive Law Society mailings, including notices to the profession and publications, unless required by the Rules of the Law Society of Alberta, the Legal Profession Act or specified by the Board of Directors (Benchers). As a retired member, you can act as a Notary Public. You are not eligible for nomination for Bencher, nor are you eligible to vote in the Bencher election. You are not entitled to practise law. An inactive member, unless otherwise directed, will automatically become a retired member upon age 70. An application for retirement status is not required.

Returning to Active Status

If you have retired status and wish to return to active status, you must apply for reinstatement.

Withdrawal from Practice

If you are closing your practice, you are required to notify the Law Society regarding the disposition of your client files. This information is requested on the inactive application form. In order to comply with the trust accounting rules, if the law firm’s trust account and financial records are closed, you must submit a final Law Firm Self-Report, and final Accountant’s Report. For more information about closing your trust account, please see Part 5 of the Rules.

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