Information Assessment

In the Law Society's intake process, information about lawyers is relayed to our Information Assessment Counsel. 

We address all information brought to our attention, but some matters may fall outside our mandate as the regulator or may not pose a need for early intervention or discipline. You will be advised if we are not able to assist you.

If we are able to assist, we will assess whether the information gathered about the lawyer should be directed to the discipline process or the early intervention process:

  • If the matter(s) discloses significant regulatory risk, it will be directed to the discipline process
  • If the matter is not of significant regulatory risk, as part of our early intervention approach:  
    • We provide resources and programs to help lawyers achieve reasonable standards of professional and ethical conduct; and  
    • We work with you and the lawyer to get things back on track through resolution.

You will receive a letter acknowledging that we have received your information and updating you on the status of the matter.

If you do not agree with the assessment of your matter, you will have 15 days to apply in writing to have the assessment reviewed by the Manager of Conduct.